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114 Longton Lane
L35 8PA
United Kingdom.
Telephone: 07817 039435
WhatsApp: 07817 039435
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Availability -
Mon: 9.30am - 12pm
Tue: 9.30am - 6.30pm
Wed: 9.30am - 6.30pm
Thu: 9.30am - 6.30pm
Fri: 9.30am - 6.30pm
All repairs are fixed price at £20 plus postage

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Common already answered questions are as follows -

Q - How much does a repair cost?
A - ALL repairs are fixed at £20 plus postage!

Q - How long does a repair take?
A - Average repair time is 1 to 2 weeks excluding postage times and bank holidays! This is dependant on workload.

Q - How do i pay?
A - We dont take any payment details upfront as we dont want to store your payment details, payment is only taken AFTER the item has been looked at. Payment can be made via the website using PayPal or Card or you can pay by card over the phone, but again, only after the item has been looked at.

For all other queries please use the form below or call 07817 039435