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TV and Media system

Television and Media System Handset Repair

When we started the Remote Fixer business, Television remotes were all that we carried out and have a massive surpluss of spares for many makes and models including some rebranded uncommon sets

Fireplace Controllers

Fireplace Handset Controllers

The second largest remote repair growth market in the last 6 years has been fireplace remotes. Initially we did not repair these handsets but due to "accidental" exposure on a few technical forums which led to us receiving many controls we decided to branch out. Common makes that we receive are Verine and Mertik Maxitrol

Brake testers / M.O.T. systems

MOT testing System / Brake Test system Remotes

We fix many kinds of MOT test equipment handsets. With replacements costing upto £600+ it is worth sending your remote to us for repair. We have a fixed price of £20 for all repairs

Air Con controls

Air Conditioning Unit Remotes

Many AirCon system rely soleley on the handsets for their functionality and when they become faulty mosy systems are rendered useless. We have fixed remotes for these systems for more than 6 years and have a wide range of parts in stock.

Garage Door Systems

Garage Door / Loft Ladder Handsets

If you have a faulty garage door or loft / attic remote then why not send it to us, we have many spares on hand for many makes and models most of which have already been discontinued.

Recent Repair Jobs

Arcam Solo Mark 2

Arcam Solo Mark 2 Repair

Remote Control not linking to Arcam Solo, Presumed to be a power problem. Not used in five years or so and Batteries left inside unit, corrosion noted on one of the battery terminals. Battery was stuck inside and required careful extraction with fine nosed pliers. Battery terminal cleaned gently as far as possible with Switch cleaner and cotton bud.

Systemline X3 and Hornamm X2

Systemline X3 and Hornamm X2 Repair

No Function

Stoves Ltd  (Prescot Merseyside) Oven Clock for 720 EF Heritage Oven -  Model Number 059042319

Stoves Ltd (Prescot Merseyside) Oven Clock for 720 EF Heritage Oven - Model Number 059042319 Repair

Digital LED Display Panel requires replacement on PCB. Currently very dim so it can't be read.. Otherwise the controls work and the oven operates.

Powrtouch 10163-002-13

Powrtouch 10163-002-13 Repair

I have a Evolution mover purchased in 2013. When switching on the handset it takes several presses of the two power buttons before it comes to life. The fault seems to be in the power buttons as once switched on all other commands work fine. It is taking me several attempts to switch on before it works.

Denon  RC-1162

Denon RC-1162 Repair

some plates in battery compartment have melted

Kinder  B - 63600

Kinder B - 63600 Repair

Battery connector & all buttons not operating.

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