Repair Work Carried Out At Remote Fixer


Enduro Repair

No signal

Wadia 581

Wadia 581 Repair

Hi I was using it with no issues Monday evening thought batteries gone dead so replaced them with new durecell now not working at all cannot get inputs etc on preamp or cd volume play or mute nothing

Truma  Go2

Truma Go2 Repair

The on/off switch on the side is not working and the remote will not link to the base unit

Celebrity Woburn Dual Motor Recliner

Celebrity Woburn Dual Motor Recliner Repair

In common with others, the coiled wiring has degraded on its own over the last 10 years (with very light use), so suspect the plastic is deteriorating. I have temporarily applies some insulation tape, but the plastic continues to break down. I notice you tend to replace these wires on similar controllers with a straight cord. Is there an option to use a replacement coiled cord for the repair, as this does keep the wire compacted and in the side pocket? Also please advise of estimated repair time thanks.

Hsl Linton standard dual rise and recline arcade lagoon

Hsl Linton standard dual rise and recline arcade lagoon Repair

The handset doesn’t work but the lights are on it (blue solid, white flickering)


HSL Repair

Cable on remote frayed buttons not always as responsive as should be

Scantronic Keypad

Scantronic Keypad Repair

Push buttons work but are hard to press

Powr touch

Powr touch Repair

Stopped working abruptly Changed battery but no joy

Paragon 2000

Paragon 2000 Repair

I have changed the battery, but the remote doesn't work at all


Reich Repair

Remote control wont power up

DIMES Le Scale

DIMES Le Scale Repair

An electric loft hatch/ceiling trap door is operated by the remote control.
The right hand button on the remote, when pressed, shows the red light on the remote plus the trap door and the trap door tries to open.
The light button when pressed, the red light does not illuminate and no reaction from the trap door.
Electrician stated that the problem, in his opinion, is the remote.
The battery has been changed, but no luck.

Gliderol  TM-27

Gliderol TM-27 Repair

Remote not opening garage door.

Changed battery and still not working.

Red light is coming on but not operating door


Enduro Repair

Forward button not working & no light button showing.

Velux KLR 200

Velux KLR 200 Repair

The old batteries leaked inside the remote. Whilst it turns on whilst connected to a UBS cable it won't move past the Velux front screen. It also turns off when disconnected from the UBS cable, i.e. the batteries no longer seem to be charging the remote.

PDT KF04-433RC

PDT KF04-433RC Repair

Remote just stopped working, put new Duracell CR 2016 batteries in, no light comes on and no response from door

Celebrity Motion Furniture Ltd

Celebrity Motion Furniture Ltd Repair

The cable is badly damaged and needs replacing


Homcom Repair

Remote not responding at all, no lights etc. It did work originally for a few weeks.

Novoferm novotron 302

Novoferm novotron 302 Repair

buttons not always working when pressed


Powrtouch Repair

Will not swich on using remote buttons, but will work when plugged into the `hard wire` Buttons on remote when using need a hard push to make them work.



No response from any button, except LCD panel dims and goes off and back on. New batteries make no difference.
Not sure if previous owner has attempted some kind of solder repair at battery terminals or if it got wet at some time in its life

Mammut Alko

Mammut Alko Repair

Remote will go through its pairing process, though it fails to pair successfully with the main unit.

Celebrity motion furniture

Celebrity motion furniture Repair

Bottom left button (for raising legs) works intermittently- usually will work once but then not on a second attempt.
Cable is damaged in several places including where it meets the controller.

Tempur  System 2000

Tempur System 2000 Repair

The right hand as looking at the handset button for the single up and down button will make the bed go up but not go down.


Th7r-2039-006 Repair

Lead and front plastic if possible

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