Repair Work Carried Out At Remote Fixer


Visua Repair

The ok button doesn’t seem to be working.

Gazco  8490

Gazco 8490 Repair

The remote hardly ever works. The fire has just been serviced and I’ve replaced the batteries in the remote.

Kverneland Silawrap 7558

Kverneland Silawrap 7558 Repair

The remote is working but the IR signal is not strong enough. It works from 1,5 meters distance but not further away. It need s to work from inside a diffrent tractor from 5 meters.

Kenwood RC-B5

Kenwood RC-B5 Repair

Battery compartment damaged by corrosion. Power button will not function.



Doesn’t turn on despite changing battery

Sherborne Dual motor

Sherborne Dual motor Repair

not working and wires starting to fray

Purple Line  Quattro

Purple Line Quattro Repair

When loading the final Battery into the handset the on/off light on the handset will flash momentarily and then nothing. The hand set will not turn on

Be Modern RCS- 01C

Be Modern RCS- 01C Repair

Just does not work. Have tried changing batteries to no avail.

Invisua  KTV102

Invisua KTV102 Repair

Left hand buttons not working ie:- 1, 5 volume Etc


SIT Repair

The remote has no function from any button. The LED is not illuminating on pressing buttons .I have tested the display single LED and the IR LED with my multi meter and they both work.

 RCS -01A

RCS -01A Repair

Fails to work on any of the buttons

Pioneer AXD7511

Pioneer AXD7511 Repair

Touchscreen not working

Bang and Olufsen Beolink 1000

Bang and Olufsen Beolink 1000 Repair

Volume up and down buttons inoperative.....all others okay

Balco bt5020

Balco bt5020 Repair

nothing working , obviously been dropped a few times probably requires a battery only 2 buttons which are really used are the 2 centre ones on the bottom row


HSL Repair

All buttons need to be pressed really hard sometimes works but not always also coil needs replacing



Remote not working at all, sometimes works if battery wiggled

Powrtouch (Powrwheel) Powrtouch Classic CL/3338.01

Powrtouch (Powrwheel) Powrtouch Classic CL/3338.01 Repair

Went you go to turn the remote on sometimes it work sometimes it doesn’t more often than not it does not work. On off buttons not working .

Power wheel Limited

Power wheel Limited Repair

It doesn’t switch on put new batteries in nothing happens

Firerite YCT100

Firerite YCT100 Repair

The on button will not work

Glow Worm Climapro2 rf 00020005221

Glow Worm Climapro2 rf 00020005221 Repair

battery connections corroded/damaged

 PDT XF04-433RC

PDT XF04-433RC Repair

Worked fine in the morning, but proved to be inactive in the evening. Fitting new batteries failed to restore function


Wonderfire Repair

Does not turn on and off


HSL Repair

Bottom left button(raising footrest) does not work consistently.


Hulsta Repair

The bed action controller just completely stopped working on one side of the twin Hulsta bed. Should I also send the other controller to be checked? The bed is 15 years old and the first time we have had a problem.

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