Job Timeline (Ref 6807-8000)

Remote Returned to Customer

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Arrived - 30-Oct-2020
Fault Diagnosed
Remote Repaired
Payment Received
Returned - 17-Nov-2020
Repair Engineer : Martin Smith
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Visua Remote Repair Details

Manufacturer : Visua

Customers Fault Description : The ok button doesn’t seem to be working.

Remote Fixer Repair Response (see below) :

This TV remote arrived safely and on inspection the battery cover has a broken lug meaning the cover does not seat properly (this cannot be replaced as spare are not available)

On testing some buttons were confirmed to be sluggish / non responsive.

This was due to a break in the print near the main IC, this was reworked which restored full functionality.

TV Controller Testing Video

Remote Images

 tv remote repair

bad battery cover

back of controller