Job Timeline (Ref 2533-2935)

Remote Beyond Repair

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Arrived - 31-Aug-2017
Fault Diagnosed
Remote Beyond Repair
Awaiting Return Postage Payment

If you wish us to dispose of this remote then please contact us via our Contact Page to inform us (Please remember to Quote Your Name, Address and Reference Number - 2533-2935

If no payment is received within 3 months of 31-Aug-2017 then this remote will be disposed of as per our terms and conditions.

DRU Remote Repair Details

Manufacturer : DRU

Fault Description : Buttons not working - sticking. Also just changed the battery and the display is garbled. Battery cover is missing.


This remote arrived safely and on inspection the battery cover was confirmed missing.  On adding a power source the display was indeed all garbled and also the buttons were intemittently sticking.

When opened 2 issues were found, the reason the buttons were sticking is due to the PCB moving around freely inside the case due to two broken fixing pins, this means that a new front case is required (or it could be hot melt glued into place.  Sadly the second issue was more serious, there was a sticky contamination on bot the inside of the case and also on the PCB on and under the LCD. This residue had started to cause corrosion damage to many parts of the print and also the main I.C. under the display.  Due to the extent of the damage this has redered this repair non possible.

Remote Images

 dru remote repair

corrosion on print

back of controller