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Remote Returned to Customer

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Arrived - 17-May-2019
Fault Diagnosed
Remote Repaired
Payment Received
Returned - 23-May-2019
Repair Engineer : Martin Smith
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Swithland Soneva Homestyles TR001 Remote Repair Details

Manufacturer : Swithland Soneva Homestyles

Model : TR001

Customers Fault Description : Controller was not used for a long time. When I tried to use it recently, I replaced battery as the remote did not work. Now, when battery is inserted, the remote indicator LED illuminates with no buttons pressed. The sunshade does not respond even when buttons are pressed. Feels like there's a short or dry solder joint somewhere. Unit has not been dropped or immersed in water.


This retractable garden sunshade / awning remote control arrived safely and on adding a power source was confirmed to be permanently transmitting without a button being pressed.

This was due to a shorted button (the center button), this was replaced which restored normal functionality.

Sun Shade / Awning Controller Testing Video

Remote Images

awning remote repair

 back of controller