Job Timeline (Ref 5201-6106)

Remote Returned to Customer

A Timeline of this job can be seen below.

Arrived - 11-Jan-2020
Fault Diagnosed
Remote Repaired
Payment Received
Returned - 14-Jan-2020

Orbitsound T12 Remote Repair Details

Manufacturer : Orbitsound

Model : T12

Fault Description : The remote control stopped working after the battery was inserted upside down in the battery tray and pushed in to the remote body.

Then had to knock remote against table in order to remove battery tray.After battery inserted correctly the remote wouldn’t work.


This soundbar remote control arrived safely and on testing was confirmed to be dead.

When opened one of the battery terminals was bent out of position making the power source non applicable.

The terminal was re-positioned and reinforced using hot melt glue.  Full functionality was restored.

Sound Bar Controller Testing Video

Remote Control Repair Testing Video

 Remote Images

 orbitsound remote repair

back of controller