Job Timeline (Ref 5272-6178)

Remote Repaired - Awaiting Payment

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Arrived - 20-Jan-2020
Fault Diagnosed
Remote Repaired awaiting Payment

Doppstadt terra FA10-DW-KO Remote Repair Details

Manufacturer : Doppstadt

Model : terra FA10-DW-KO

Fault Description : The remote has come apart and needs putting back together and ensure it will work.


This mobile shredder controller arrived safely and on inspection the item was apart.  When tested the item would intermittently turn on but no signal was being emitted.

On the underside of the PCB there was a portion of print that was corroded due to water damage, this was reworked which restored the signal and power.

The display does not show up though and sadly this cant be repaired.

Remote Controller Testing Video

Remote Images

 shredder remote repair

corroded print

back of controller