Job Timeline (Ref 5309-6220)

Remote Returned to Customer

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Arrived - 29-Jan-2020
Fault Diagnosed
Remote Repaired
Payment Received
Returned - 03-Feb-2020
Repair Engineer : Martin Smith
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RCS-01C Remote Repair Details

Model : RCS-01C

Customers Fault Description : Battery Spring broke which holds batteries in place

Remote Fixer Repair Response (see below) :


This fire control arrived safely and on inspection the remote was partly open and the PCB was loose inside.

The remote was opened and the board reseated correctly but the remote still remained dead.  It would appear that when the board was loose inside it had stressed the IR led and its solder joint was cracked making an intermittent connection.  The LED was resoldered and full functionality was restored.

Fireplace Controller Testing Video

Remote Control Repair Testing Video

 Remote Images

 rcs01c remote control repair

side of remote

back of controller