Job Timeline (Ref 6550-7698)

Remote Returned to Customer

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Arrived - 30-Sep-2020
Remote Inspected
No Fault Found
Postage Payment Received
Returned - 16-Oct-2020
Repair Engineer : Martin Smith
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Valor Remote Repair Details

Manufacturer : Valor

Customers Fault Description : I have a remote control for our Valor electric fire which is exactly the same as the one you have in your picture (four buttons, one red and three grey) It has now stopped working, even after trying fresh batteries, and it would be great if you could fix it.
The fire is working well when using the manual button at the base of the unit.

Remote Fixer Repair Response (see below) :

This Valor control arrived safely and on testing was found to be transmitting as per normal operation.

The control was opened to check for defects but no fault could be replicated.  The item was tested over a 3 day period but again no fault could be found.

Fireplace Controller Testing Video

Remote Images

 remote control repair

back of controller