Job Timeline (Ref 6551-7699)

Remote Returned to Customer

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Arrived - 28-Sep-2020
Fault Diagnosed
Remote Repaired
Payment Received
Returned - 06-Oct-2020
Repair Engineer : Martin Smith
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Pioneer AXD7592 Remote Repair Details

Manufacturer : Pioneer

Model : AXD7592

Customers Fault Description : Stopped working, volume control very poor prior to failure.

Remote Fixer Repair Response (see below) :

This Pioneer control arrived safely and on inspection the sides had markings along the seam most likely from an attempted opening prior to arrival.

Batteries were included in the control but these were totally dead.  When replacement batteries were fitted the control was found to be transmitting permanently.

This was due to the circle select switch being misaligned and shorting out one of the buttons.  The only way this switch can be misaligned is by the remote being opened and re-assembled incorrectly. 

This was realigned which restored functionality to most buttons.  It was then found that the volume and mute buttons were sluggish in response.  This was due to worn button contacts,  replacement button caps were glued in place which restored full functionality.

Hi Fi System Controller Testing Video

 Remote Images

 pioneer remote repair

markings on seam

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