Recent Repair Jobs

Verine Atina 500

Verine Atina 500 Repair

Black wire was broken away from battery connector but after re-soldering and fitting new battery remote still not working

Triton  Airobe

Triton Airobe Repair

Remote is in reasonably good condition, however a button cover has come away (another is looking like it could be coming away also) And so I am unable to use the body dryer as I can not control the temperature.

Powakaddy Robokaddy

Powakaddy Robokaddy Repair

I have the same product but this is actually a friends remote. He hasn't used the remote control for sometime because when he puts a battery in, the green light (indicating a button is being pressed) lights up, nothing happens with the trolley, and the remote drains the battery. My observation comparing the remote to my own is that the + button feels like is stuck in.... it certainly doesn't click, or have the same feel as any of the other buttons. I therefore suspect that the button needs replacing although I have no way of confirming this diagnosis. I have repaired my own remote previously when the sender became detached from the circuit board, but I have advised him that the front cover is a sealed unit which is way beyond my capability! He was going to replace the remote in its entirety, but having found you I suggested we let you see if you can do anything.

Truma  Mover S

Truma Mover S Repair

remote works but you have to tap it with your hand repeatedly to get it to come on. possible on off switch fault


Vibradorm Repair

No buttons working, red led doesn't flash to acknowledge button pressed


SIT Repair

There are only 4 buttons and the main problem is the button on the bottom left. It does work but can be very inconsistent. The connection from the 2 cables to the the battery are also not affixed (soldered) properly. Celotape is also holding the casing together at present. Thanks

Cambridge Audio RC-650BD

Cambridge Audio RC-650BD Repair

Appears not to be generating IR signal

Bathroom TV

Bathroom TV Repair

not working apparently.
Needs new battery cover

Bell Fires

Bell Fires Repair

One of the buttons works ok (think it is the Up button) but the other one, to turn the fire down doesn't.


Stairmaster Repair

The red button stopped working now home of them work pls try and repair or advise where I can get a replacement

Mertik Maxitrol G8R-H4T5-GA

Mertik Maxitrol G8R-H4T5-GA Repair

The large flame button (top right) doesn't seem to work properly. Doesn't allow fire to ignite or set time etc.




Glow Worm Climapro 2 RF B

Glow Worm Climapro 2 RF B Repair

I accidentally splashed tea on it. Cleaned quickly and let it dry out.

Putting batteries back in the display comes on for a short while, though menu button does not respond and 'yyyyyyyyyy' fills most of date display. On one try the display came up in German.

After a few minutes the display shuts down. Battery casing has always been a bit loose, however this has presented no problems in daily use. Tried fresh batteries.

Gazco elo239

Gazco elo239 Repair

I dropped the handset on the floor and although lights still work and battery is new it doesn't operate with the fire. I suspect something perhaps a wire has become loose in the unit


Grohe Repair

Stopped working intimitently and now totally dead

Genesis fires

Genesis fires Repair

Main on and off buttons not working spoke to Martin just now and he knows the issue. Cheers


Okimat Repair

New cable needed on remote.if not repairable can you get a new one?

xpelair  41864

xpelair 41864 Repair

LCD display cracked




CARVER M606846

CARVER M606846 Repair

Can not get it to pair up with caravan, when it does it is only for a short time. Clicks but does not stay connected very long

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRPS

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRPS Repair

Remote light shows when pressed up or down. Receiver light shows intermittently when turning fire down but receiver light doesn't work when turning flame up.


Willowbrook Repair

Remote broken

BeModern RCS01D

BeModern RCS01D Repair

No response after replacing batteries.


Fire Repair

The batteries inside the remote corroded (white liquid inside remote). I cleaned the remote and tried new batteries but the remote isn't working properly. Information is being displayed however I can't adjust the settings or turn the pilot on. Thanks

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