Recent Repair Jobs

GAZCO 8490

GAZCO 8490 Repair

Fire not responding to remote even when new batteries used

Teac KGT1A058 - RC613

Teac KGT1A058 - RC613 Repair

Redgreen led lights working but no IR signal transmitting. I noticed you repaired the same remote in 2015 with exactly the same issues. Hopefully mine can also be repaired. Job Timeline (Ref 1159-1390)

Fireplace RSC-01C

Fireplace RSC-01C Repair

New batteries inserted, won't turn on fire. Remote not working. Also Battery cover won't stay on.

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRRs

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRRs Repair

remote receiver not working,led light does not acknowledge transmitted signal from the hand set indicated by its led.I have sent the handset as well.


Igloo Repair

Standby button works volume doesn’t work channel up and down doesn’t work not shore about the rest

Mertik Maxitrol G30 - ZRHT

Mertik Maxitrol G30 - ZRHT Repair

In manual mode the Up Button signal from the remote is correctly lighting the receiver's LED and increasing output from the fire's gas valve. However the output from the fire cannot be reduced as the Down Button activation is not being seen by the receiver during normal manual operation. Please note that a poor but very intermittent signal appears to be registering on the receiver's LED but only achieved by pressing and holding the Down Button whilst waving the remote very close to the receiver module. When this intermittent signal is detected the receiver does reduce the output from the gas valve. I did fit new batteries in both the remote hand set and receiver modules to eliminate this possibility. Using a multi-meter I also checked that both the up and down buttons of the remote handset are functioning correctly. I believe that there is a known common fault on a crystal controlling the down channel of these receiver modules. (I refer to your previous job timeline 1068-1289). Of course, any of the fire's auto temperature control functions will also not work correctly with this ongoing receiver fault.

Glow Worm Climapro2 rf

Glow Worm Climapro2 rf Repair

dropped and smashed open, buttons missing /loose

Sony RM-SR5B

Sony RM-SR5B Repair

The "down" volume button no longer works but I imagine all the contacts could do with attention. However, if the volume button cannot be made to work, please return the remote to me as the rest of it still works.

Velux 3lr ao1 ww

Velux 3lr ao1 ww Repair

No response even with new batteries

Linear DTE-UK ONT00036

Linear DTE-UK ONT00036 Repair


Securioglide PDT KF04-433RC

Securioglide PDT KF04-433RC Repair

New batteries fit, but not lighting up, therefore won't open the garage door

Merrill Maxitrol G30

Merrill Maxitrol G30 Repair

The black lead wire to the battery terminal has come loose and therefore the remote won’t work. It needs to be reattached / soldered back in place.

Qantec RCQ-100 - QT5505LEDBC

Qantec RCQ-100 - QT5505LEDBC Repair

No function - buttons dont have any affect. No obvious liquid damage. Remote will likely require board work - not just cleaning so please confirm you carry this kind of thing out

Cardale Force 50 B260.50

Cardale Force 50 B260.50 Repair

Buttons work and red light cones on but does not operate garage door.


Keyton Repair

The remote sometimes shows a picture but doesn’t connect to the chair, hasn’t worked properly for a few months, the chair can be used without it but hardly any programs are available without the remote.


Triton Repair

Just doesn’t work!

Corolla Roller door PDT KF04-433RC

Corolla Roller door PDT KF04-433RC Repair

No longer works- tried new battery, but to no avail


Handicare Repair

nothing working - up or down


Maha Repair

New batteries. Both remotes not functional

Canton D M 50

Canton D M 50 Repair

standby button seems to be not working unable to turn base unit on , have changed battery still not working





HORMANN HS (M) 2/4 Repair

As far as I can remember, originally either button would raise or lower the garage door top button failed but bottom button still worked. Now neither button works.

ghroe 45441

ghroe 45441 Repair

battery leak lcd no display no connection

Keyton  sensor FT2

Keyton sensor FT2 Repair

The remote has stopped working , the screen works and buttons change the settings on the remote screen but the remote is not connecting to the chair so unable to change the settings .

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