Repair Work Carried Out At Remote Fixer

Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10

Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10 Repair

No Functions at all.


Ultraframe Repair

green light top left of remote hand set continuously flashing, resulting in maincontrol unit wall mounted switching continuously if remote is in the conservatory. Normally the green light would only flash when operating a control button, this problem was intermittent previously but now continuous unless the battery is disconnected, none of the control buttons will function whilst the remote control is continuously flashing

Legend fires

Legend fires Repair

when pressing buttons it all seems to be working but the receiver unit is not responding to the inputs.

Mertik Maxitrol B6RH8TV21B

Mertik Maxitrol B6RH8TV21B Repair

Completely dead - despite new batteries

Snap on  RC02A Art no 20Y290199

Snap on RC02A Art no 20Y290199 Repair

Buttons not working and very worn

prestige pdtkfo4433rc rso192srd1e

prestige pdtkfo4433rc rso192srd1e Repair

not working

carver caravan motor mover and garage electric door

carver caravan motor mover and garage electric door Repair

motor mover very intermittent in operation,,,, garage remote was put thro washing machine and only partial operation

Alarm Dock

Alarm Dock Repair

Remote was dropped.


Powrtouch Repair

Two remotes enclosed.

Remote A
Seems to be a problem with powering up. Only powers up when case screws are tightened in a particular way

Remote B
Only powers up on a partially discharged battery, and even then is intermittent.

Both Remotes A & B
Neither remote will pair to the Powrtouch Receiver box.
When the boxes are returned can you let me know the cause of the faults?


FIRMADOOR10 10941 Repair

All buttons appear to be working, just will not operate door.

Velux 3LR AO1WW (833212) (32AV08KA)

Velux 3LR AO1WW (833212) (32AV08KA) Repair

Nothing working on remote haven’t used it but forgot to take battery’s out.The screen is completely blank.


SIT Repair

The wire that connect to the battery have broken. Also if you happen to have a replacement battery cover as I’ve lost mine, it would be appreciated

Sit  Portway

Sit Portway Repair

Standby and Low Flame Buttons not working properly but all 4 are clearly on the blink, I can make them work with excessive pressure but definitely needs buttons replacing.

Waterproof TV

Waterproof TV Repair


Canton DM55

Canton DM55 Repair

No response from unit. Won’t wake up from standby. Tried a battery that I know works.


Sit Repair

Buttons unresponsive unless pressed hard

Truma Mover S M131563

Truma Mover S M131563 Repair

Battery corrosion on terminals



I think it's Remote Control not working. It was working prior to it fell. It did not fell from great height, from table to carpeted floor.
The working light is flashing okay

Yamaha RAV211

Yamaha RAV211 Repair

The AV volume control (on the bottom RHS) needs to be pushed hard to get a signal out, both + and - All other buttons work fine.

BECKER  BS   P143-02

BECKER BS P143-02 Repair

Total failure to electric motor system designed to cover and insulate in house pool.Signs of corrosion on pcb. New batteries tried but same result.

Firmadoor GDO-4

Firmadoor GDO-4 Repair

Remote failed to work. I have changed battery and reset(by pressing and holding blue button on receiver and pressing button on transmitter for 2 seconds, pausing for 2 seconds and pressing again for 2 seconds) and the remote still does not work.

The red light on the control lights up and I think it also did before I changed the battery. I only use the 1st button on left

Bed No-R2-T3 MG8-R2-T

Bed No-R2-T3 MG8-R2-T Repair

At first, the signal was intermittent. After a while the bed no longer receives signal. A technician has to change the connector without success. In addition to repair this one, if you have another functional remote control, I would buy another one please.


appa Repair

The battery connector has rusted & broken away. One of the connectors is now missing.

Verine Quaser QUA16NVRC

Verine Quaser QUA16NVRC Repair

Pressing the standby and stop buttons simultaneously should cause the small yellow light to flash on and off showing the start command is being sent to the receiver in the fire. This doesnt happen. Ive replaced the battery but it still doesnt work.

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