Repair Work Carried Out At Remote Fixer

Sony RM-SSD1

Sony RM-SSD1 Repair

top Buttons work when the flap is shut lower buttons underneath panel dont work when opened.

Powrtouch 10168-002-13

Powrtouch 10168-002-13 Repair

New battery fitted but still not powering up when green buttons pressed.


climapro2 Repair

screen lit but no writing. It lit up once but writing was back to front. Happened after battery change

glow worm climapro2 rf

glow worm climapro2 rf Repair

the screen only works if you hold it a certain way after my daughter dropped it on the hardwood floor

Caravan Motor Mover

Caravan Motor Mover Repair

1. Enduro black - wont power up (battery cover with me)
2. Enduro grey - buttons not working properly
3. Royal - top right button not working
4. EGO - wont power up

Powrtouch  Evolution

Powrtouch Evolution Repair

Remote does not power up when power buttons are pressed.


Powrtouch Repair

Buttons do not work. Cannot power up the unit

Silvelox Tsm2

Silvelox Tsm2 Repair

New battery installed. Light coming on on the remote but does not connect to the door receiver. Other remote works fine.

Vibadorm Vif/vrt 00.103.240

Vibadorm Vif/vrt 00.103.240 Repair

Light on

Truma GO2

Truma GO2 Repair

Battery terminals corroded

Pioneer AXD7616

Pioneer AXD7616 Repair

Exactly the same problems one of your previous customers had with this model of remote. Poor functioning buttons that have to be pressed hard to function, Especially the volume up/down buttons!

Cambridge Audio Azur 640H

Cambridge Audio Azur 640H Repair

Stays in 'amp mode' and doesn't function for the server / player at all so I can't tell what it does or doesnt do.

Mertic maxitral 030z

Mertic maxitral 030z Repair

Fire controler fails to operate fully

Powrwheel  PP3

Powrwheel PP3 Repair

The connections to the battery have broken off

Dunlopillo / Okimat

Dunlopillo / Okimat Repair

There are 3 pairs of buttons - each pair comprise an "Up" and a "Down button. The "Up" buttons work fine but the "Down" buttons are NOT operating the bed. The outer cable insulation is shreaded for a few inches as the lead passes between the mattress and bed frame. I assume the cable needs replacing.


Powrwheel Repair

Intermittent powering up. Can take up to 15 minutes and lots of attempts to get the remote to turn on.

Tempur HS SPLINE 65044

Tempur HS SPLINE 65044 Repair

Seemed to have a bad contact as it worked sometimes. Opened it but unable to repair ourselves.

Velux KLR100

Velux KLR100 Repair

Control doesn't function. Have tried new batteries - no good. Screen remains blank. Control had been unused for a long time and I suspect battery terminals are corroded.


HSL Repair

Control lights up but the buttons don’t work


Xpelair Repair

The remote control is no longer operational

Mertik Maxitrol (Badged As Nu Flame) G6R-H4S-N2

Mertik Maxitrol (Badged As Nu Flame) G6R-H4S-N2 Repair

Rapid weak red light flashing - intermittent function

HSL TH7R-2039-014. 201112060252

HSL TH7R-2039-014. 201112060252 Repair

Top left button (back recline) and reset are the only working buttons.
Other 3 buttons are not working.


MAHA RECO 1 Repair

Red stop button works to stop rollers. Left and right buttons directly underneath to work the rollers individually do not work. If it can be repaired great. Also if poss can it be cloned to another robust remote.


E-go Repair

Not working on bottom right button. All other buttons working fine.

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