Recent Repair Jobs

Rotel RRT - 4

Rotel RRT - 4 Repair

Battery compartment needs repairing as a bit of the contact plate snapped off.

Truma Mover S

Truma Mover S Repair

missing contact from the battery compartment and also we don't know if it works as we have just got it


Celebrity Repair

New .lead

 PDT KF04-433RC

PDT KF04-433RC Repair

Only 1 out of the four buttons works properly (the grey one). The top green one works if pressed very hard and the other green and red dont work at all

John Lewis

John Lewis Repair

Nothing working Bought 2nd hand

Soneva TR002

Soneva TR002 Repair

Button to send canopy out has broken and missing.

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS receiver and G30-ZRHSO transmitter

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS receiver and G30-ZRHSO transmitter Repair

Receiver light glows dimly and intermittently during operation. Gas valve operation is intermittent in operation both up and down. Batteries replaced but no improvement.



Remote has been accidentally put through the washing machine. Took back off and found it was all corroded. changed battery and checked to see if this worked and still not working. the light doesnt illuminated or the garage door doesnt respond

Sony RM-SR5B

Sony RM-SR5B Repair

Doesn't switch the system on. Previous battery has leaked so assume this is causing the fault. Missing battery cover.

Berkline 3402HR

Berkline 3402HR Repair

Mainly recline and return buttons only work if you apply an incredible amount of pressure. This seat is used by a paralysed individual with little hand strength and so it needs to be as it was when new. This is a replacement remote because the original suffered the same fault and due to its design, (a common fault I understand) because of it relying on a connection with a 'template' that wears. Ideally a more reliable remote would be my first choice but if that isn't possible a repair will allow the chair to be operational until next repair.

Carolina   LDBL2000A-DD5R

Carolina LDBL2000A-DD5R Repair

Not working won’t switch fire on.

Purpleline Quattro

Purpleline Quattro Repair

Not turning on.

Suncrest yct-100

Suncrest yct-100 Repair

standby button sometimes works,once the fire is on it switches off easier.

Mertik Maxitrol G6r-h4t16

Mertik Maxitrol G6r-h4t16 Repair

Doesn't turn on

Magiglo  Response

Magiglo Response Repair

Control is dead, have not used for sometime. Tried new battery no good.

Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity Repair

no skip to next track function

Purple Line Enduro

Purple Line Enduro Repair

Doesn't seem to connect/communicate with the caravan module. No motions work.


Powrtouch Repair

It has stopped working, has had new batteries, but no green light.

Celebrity Dual Lift TH7R-2039-006 8 Pin

Celebrity Dual Lift TH7R-2039-006 8 Pin Repair

Cabling from handset has exposed wires and is taped up. The remote consequently is not working at all

Kalirel Cyclope RCYV2-07

Kalirel Cyclope RCYV2-07 Repair

The unit works fine when handled very carefully and with fully charged (triple a) batteries. However at times it seems to lose power and reset/turn off requiring the time and date to be reprogrammed. Sometimes it comes back on easily, other times it does this repeatedly and fails to reload unless you press the battery pack in hard or hold it in a certain way. One time it was off for a while and it lost all preprogrammed rooms and settings. I managed to eventually get it to reload and reprogrammed the whole house again. If I had to guess I would say it seems like a loose or faulty connection causing a loss of power

Enduro Em103

Enduro Em103 Repair

Does not switch on. Anything else will be a bonus !


Enduro Repair

Not sure but it does not operate the device on the caravan. It hasn't worked for several years but I have recently tried it again. When the control is pointed at the caravan and the red button pressed it occasionally lights up the control box inside the caravan but only occasionally. I can not see the light at the front of the remote control illuminating.

Garage Door

Garage Door Repair

Stopped working


Verine Repair


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