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Hifi Repair

Not working


IKAYAA IF-1336 Repair

No buttons are working no response at all from remote. Fire works when using manual control panel on the fire itself. Have put new battery in remote (CR 2025 3V lithium battery) still no response.

Celebrity TH27-2039-001

Celebrity TH27-2039-001 Repair

Bottom right button which positions the occupant to a standing position reacts very slowly and intermittently.


RCS-01C Repair

Remote not working, changed batteries but still no joy.

Powrwheel/Powrtouch 10168-002-13

Powrwheel/Powrtouch 10168-002-13 Repair

The remote will not power on when pressing the two green power buttons simultaneously, as per instructions. On our last two trips recently, the remote has failed to power on. But after a few attempts, it has responded. The remote now no longer responds to attempts to power on at all. We have had an intermittent fault since we bought the caravan in January 2020 where during operation, the motor mover will stop during movement, as if the remote and mover have lost signal connection. I have not tested this using the wired umbilical. I have checked the battery terminals and contacts to the mover's mechanism and all seems sound, suggesting the issue is with the remote control.


Enduro Repair

Completely dead despite new battery in both caravan and unit


Celebrity Repair

The button that makes the chair rise is not working.


Magiglo Repair

Transmitter and receiver. The 2 buttons which operate the receiver and switch on the gas work Ok. The off button does dot turn the gas fire down or switch it off. The indicator light on the receiver lights up on the On position, but does not light up on off,

Glow Worm

Glow Worm Repair

Batteries won’t go in the controller. Think the springs have gone slightly, also the up and down button has stopped working


SIT Repair

Remote is not working unsure if it is only the loose wire.


Velux Repair

Not working, not switching on. New batteries added but just dead.


Handicare Repair

remote working but you have to hold the buttons very hard for it to work

Truma mover remote S S auto engage

Truma mover remote S S auto engage Repair

Dropped it from less than knee hight just didn’t work after that


Celebrity Repair

the pontoons of the pads are no longer functions reliably. The down button still functions ok but the up button has more or less stopped. the other buttons are intermittent. its a celebrity chair 8 pin remote with hellow ring at top of lead

Mertik Maxitrol Gv 60

Mertik Maxitrol Gv 60 Repair

Battery compartment corroded by spring that hold battery in place cause by flat Battery and and rear of remote cover missing to replace if you have one please on hand held remote please

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRSB

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRSB Repair

Remote will not operate the gas vavle to open up the flame, only to reduce the flame. Red light on the controller only shows red on down operation but not up

Truma Mover SE

Truma Mover SE Repair

Faulty on/off switch---plus battery connections need replacing if possible, plus any other fault you may find.

D C Simplex 03/23343/0

D C Simplex 03/23343/0 Repair

No longer sending signal to fire. Took to Timson to change battery but told it had almost 100 life left

Ravaglioli RT009 13209

Ravaglioli RT009 13209 Repair

not working


POWRTOUCH Sno0x022 Repair

No green lights. Not working at all. Wont come on to connect to motor mover. Battery changed several times.

Carver M606811

Carver M606811 Repair

Will show red light and move the van for a second or two then the red light goes out and stops the van moving. You can hear the motor engage with the van but will not move the van despite the red light on The van does not go back in a straight line at times when pressing the backward button and pulls to one side The sideway move button do not work that often

Concern for Comfort t113519 d/c 9806

Concern for Comfort t113519 d/c 9806 Repair

will not work bed light flickered a couple off times has not been used for a few years worked fine before stored

Mertik Maxitrol G30 - ZHRSO

Mertik Maxitrol G30 - ZHRSO Repair

Remote works okay to ignite the fire and raise the flame but doesn't work when trying to reduce the flame.


Bellfires Repair

hi there, please have a look and if there is any chance for this remote to be fixed, we will understand as this is a "special" project, we talk to you before, so you know the history . please let us know

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