Recent Repair Jobs

Dimplex SKG20B

Dimplex SKG20B Repair

The remote control has two buttons. On/off and heat control. The on/off button does not turn the fire off.

Sony Bed

Sony Bed Repair

The battery isnt fitting in the remote

 Cyrus Commander

Cyrus Commander Repair

Remote does not work at all since batteries replaced. Previous batteries were flat and slightly corroded, so I suspect that the corrosion might have caused the problem.

Gazco 8455

Gazco 8455 Repair

Just not talking to each other or receiver & remote

Truma M132108

Truma M132108 Repair

On/off very stiff. Batteries ok, but green light doesn't always come on and when direction for mover is pressed, green light goes off with no action from the mover motor. Caravan battery fully charged - 12.4 v.


Beldray Repair

Not working at all

satelite elec ID8

satelite elec ID8 Repair

light switches on and off and dimmer works,fan does not work at all

Wurlitzer res-k

Wurlitzer res-k Repair

you just repaire one of these for me- perfectly. I bought this one as 'not working' as a spare.
It does work, but only if you twist the case when using. sounds like a similar fault to the one you fixed

Faber  RC01-005

Faber RC01-005 Repair

Intermittent issues with the buttons, switch on the fire at source but not with controller.

Hormann HS (M) 2/4

Hormann HS (M) 2/4 Repair

No response when trying to activate the unit when trying to open garage door. I have noticed inside the back of the remote, a snapped coil wire which is wrapped around a thin piece of foam.

Sony RM-SSD1

Sony RM-SSD1 Repair

Power button fault

Optoma  SRC-T4

Optoma SRC-T4 Repair

The Projector gas not been used for around 5 years as it was lent to a friend and as a result the Batteries in the Remote control had leaked and corroded the battery Contacts. I did try my own repair by soldering a spare sprung contact to the board but it has not worked. The Remote itself is in very good order bur not working.

Celebrity Woburn TH27-2039-001

Celebrity Woburn TH27-2039-001 Repair

All buttons failing to work unless pressed very hard and then only intermittently.


Mertik Repair

Battery contact is broken

Legend Smart Media BSSB

Legend Smart Media BSSB Repair

The connection to plug the charger in has snapped off by the looks of it, so I can’t charge the remote control needed to activate the TV lift! I have everything crossed that you can fix it, as I can’t find anywhere that sells replacement ones! 😩 I’ve only had the bed for 9 months! My daughter has somehow broken it!!

Hofman Brekon 141

Hofman Brekon 141 Repair

no functioning

Legend Fires SPI16RNRL

Legend Fires SPI16RNRL Repair

The fire doesn't light when the buttons are pressed on the remote.
The LED doesn't flash on the remote when any buttons are pressed (it normally flashes even if the fire doesn't respond).
One wire has broken off the PP3 battery snap, but this happened AFTER the fault occurred and is not the cause of it.
Checked the battery and it's okay.

Evoke  MK2

Evoke MK2 Repair

It may be the battery spring bent.

Hormann HS [ M ] 2/4

Hormann HS [ M ] 2/4 Repair

Only works within 10ft from door. Have changed battery, made no difference.

B & O Beolink 1000

B & O Beolink 1000 Repair

not working, have tried new batteries


RCS-01c Repair

Over a period of one year, it’s performance has been unpredictable. Now, it does not work at all.

Mertik Maxitrol Receiever G30-ZRRS and G30-ZRHS

Mertik Maxitrol Receiever G30-ZRRS and G30-ZRHS Repair

The receiver in the fire is not registering the 'down' command from the remote control and is not closing the gas valve as required. Both buttons register as operational on remote, they both illuminate the LED on the remote. The receiver illuminates with the 'up' command from the remote but not with the 'down' command.

Vibradorm VIF-VRT 00.103.247 05/05-Prf

Vibradorm VIF-VRT 00.103.247 05/05-Prf Repair

The connection between battery & terminals do not connect.

Mertick Maxitrol G6R-H4S

Mertick Maxitrol G6R-H4S Repair

wire has come out of where battery is fixed to power remote

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