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Firmadoor GDO-4

Firmadoor GDO-4 Repair

Remote failed to work. I have changed battery and reset(by pressing and holding blue button on receiver and pressing button on transmitter for 2 seconds, pausing for 2 seconds and pressing again for 2 seconds) and the remote still does not work.

The red light on the control lights up and I think it also did before I changed the battery. I only use the 1st button on left

Bed No-R2-T3 MG8-R2-T

Bed No-R2-T3 MG8-R2-T Repair

At first, the signal was intermittent. After a while the bed no longer receives signal. A technician has to change the connector without success. In addition to repair this one, if you have another functional remote control, I would buy another one please.


appa Repair

The battery connector has rusted & broken away. One of the connectors is now missing.

Verine Quaser QUA16NVRC

Verine Quaser QUA16NVRC Repair

Pressing the standby and stop buttons simultaneously should cause the small yellow light to flash on and off showing the start command is being sent to the receiver in the fire. This doesnt happen. Ive replaced the battery but it still doesnt work.

CE KMZ ID X Bow / Stern Thruster

CE KMZ ID X Bow / Stern Thruster Repair

Port side (red/left) but replace all please

Sarason Waterproof

Sarason Waterproof Repair

All buttons have stopped working (tried numerous battery changes but still no joy)


Sit Repair

Not lowering flame! Have not used the fire for some time please check all functions of remote


Matsui Repair

Can't seem to get it to work at all

Brake Rolling Road

Brake Rolling Road Repair

Nothing works


Sarason Repair

On/off button not working and unsure about any others.

Mertrix maxitrol G30

Mertrix maxitrol G30 Repair

Melted remote control

glowworm climapro2

glowworm climapro2 Repair

will not power up.


Carver Repair

Remote Unit seems to be not powering up. Have changed batteries and no sign of red light coming on or interaction with caravan unit. Had some batter corrosion last year but cleaned off but there could be further damage.


Powrtouch Repair

The bottom right arrow button is not working.

Powrtouch E or T type

Powrtouch E or T type Repair

After normal over-winter storage, the remote will not 'power up' when the two 'ON' buttons are pressed together. I've replaced the 9V battery with a new Duracell, and believe I have power to the board. The manufacturer helpline thinks it might be the control pad that is faulty. The main unit in the caravan powers up fine. The remote does not power up even if connected via the umbilical wire to the caravan.

Truma Aventa

Truma Aventa Repair

ir not working am unable to operate or program air con unit. checked with camera and the ir is not working .changed batteries same.

Powrtouch 10168-002

Powrtouch 10168-002 Repair

Did turn on intermittently but doesn't now, battery been replaced but no different. This was bought second hand as part of a motor mover and appears to have been apart before we received it

Purple line Enduro series 2

Purple line Enduro series 2 Repair

The remote stopped working,I changed the batteries but no better.i read that if you hold the forward clockwise button as you install the last battery it should flash the led which it did but no beep.if the led works then I don’t understand why it doesn’t light when you press the power button.purple line also told me to press the reset on the caravan control box and as the green light flashes you double press the remote power button to sync it together ,but this didn’t work, please check if the remote actually works

Purpleline Quattro

Purpleline Quattro Repair

The handset will not power up when the power button is pressed twice. I have tryed 3 sets of batterys with no joy. The power light will come on if I take the batterys out and reinstall them for a couple of secounds BUT the handset will not power up after that.


LCD TV Repair

Not working no response from tv

purple line em4445/ego200

purple line em4445/ego200 Repair

the on off button dose not seem to be working not connecting to main drive box

Marantz RC014SR

Marantz RC014SR Repair

A lot of the buttons either require a hard press to send an IR signal or don't seem to work at all

Marantz  RC7300SR

Marantz RC7300SR Repair

Does not respond.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Repair

It’s a simple ceiling fan remote and you have repaired it once before. Sadly, I dropped it and it’s not working again.

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