Recent Repair Jobs

Merton maxtrol G30-01138327. Argos.  10

Merton maxtrol G30-01138327. Argos. 10 Repair

Broken neg wire for battery and one button of the three very hard

Enduro EM103

Enduro EM103 Repair

Battery terminal connections from the remote to the snap connections has broke but unsure if this is the only problem as the caravan with the motor mover fitted has only recently been purchased by us so we have never seen it actually working.


Canton Repair

Buttons not working even with replaced battery.

Gazco G30 006321 DB

Gazco G30 006321 DB Repair

Remote control not activating.

Truma se

Truma se Repair

Green light not flashing with new batteries fitted

Panasonic IR6

Panasonic IR6 Repair

some buttons not working particularly guide, video menu, back/return(do work intermittently)


Quattro Repair

Led flashes when batteries inserted but power button doesn't appear to work (doesn't connect to mover). Remote had been accidentally left in gas locker over winter and was slightly moist when retrieved


GAZCO Repair

Button which allows you to increase or lower temperature is not working correctly. Upper button will not respond when pressed. believe might be stuck sellonoid? or something similar.


LG Repair

Volume buttons have to be pressed very hard to adjust volume but this only works intermittently now.

Purple Line Quattro

Purple Line Quattro Repair

I have taken our caravan to Caravan Solutions in Romsey who confirmed the Control Unit and Motor Mover itself are not at fault. The Remote Control light comes on and registers / bleeps with the Control Unit which displays a green light. However none of the buttons make the mover rollers work.


Powrwheel Repair

Not powering up

Carver CA 27

Carver CA 27 Repair

The on/off button does not always work when pressed down, you have to press down quite hard for it to work


triton Repair

Remote control won't work

Powakaddy Robokaddy

Powakaddy Robokaddy Repair

Handset communicates with trolley, intermittently. I think there's a loose connection the handset because it drains the PP3 Battery very quickly. Sometimes the green light (which indicates communication with the trolley) stays on. Sometimes it doesn't come on. It's a bit baffling. My trolley is 10+ years old but still works well. I could use it manually but it seems a shame not to have the remote working. Please can you help.

Sony RM-SSD1

Sony RM-SSD1 Repair

Intermittent fault on remote (no buttons working). IR signal is permanently on when not working.



Powers up, screen broken I think, Not sure how its happened.

Blyss Caroline wall hung fire LDBL2000oa - DDSR

Blyss Caroline wall hung fire LDBL2000oa - DDSR Repair

The remote was left for a year without use with the batteries left inside. The negative end of one of the AA batteries has leaked destroying the negative silver wire spring terminal. The positive half of the terminal wire unit is OK but no longer linked to the negative side. The damage is restricted to the rear end of the remote's battery compartment. The terminals at the circuit board end of the unit are fine.

Pioneer AXD7483

Pioneer AXD7483 Repair

dropped it, does not work now. Also: receiver button and I think volume button do not work well, maybe worn. Maybe some others too.

Truma se

Truma se Repair

Hi Martin I spoke to you on the phone this morning regarding my remote

Will not switch on or off, (Remote unready opened up) PCB mount has top peg broken and red slide on/ off is not moving power switch. It has been difficult to switch on for a while & as a result it has worn the switch that is mounted on the PCB (so I think in probably needs a new on/ off switch..

panasonic  n2qay8000428

panasonic n2qay8000428 Repair

volume control rocker does not operate in lower volume mode


Gazco Repair

Loss of connectivity with the fire. Tried changing battery but that did not work.

Mertek Maxitrol

Mertek Maxitrol Repair

Works intermittently ; loose connection

Vibradorm bed

Vibradorm bed Repair

Terminals inside the handset appear to have become fused to the bottom of the old battery(included). Result - nothing works.

purple line

purple line Repair

worked a month ago, put new battery in but no red light or sound know. completely dead.

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