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Ultramatic R2-T3

Ultramatic R2-T3 Repair

Problem with the buttons on the remote. Severe sticking..that results in the battery draining in record time. Can get power..but cant get it to stop. Hoping that the buttons can be fixed..they seem 'swollen'..or that the remote can be cloned into a new remote since her bed/mattress is still good.

Enduro EM103

Enduro EM103 Repair

Bought second hand caravan with this motor mover fitted. LED not working in remote. Red rubber missing. Battery wiring connection faulty. I replaced battery wiring connection and synchronized with control unit. Motor mover worked intermittently, but now doesn't work at all. I am unable to synchronize the remote with the control unit. All the batteries are charged correctly.

Mertik Maxitrol  G30-ZRHSO-Z26

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHSO-Z26 Repair

Remote led works but doesn't send signal to receiver


Triton Repair



e-go Repair

Batteries leaked. left wheel reverse does not work and batteries go flat if left in

bose rc28t1-40

bose rc28t1-40 Repair

not working as well as it was, probably push buttons too hard cause not working well.

Enduro motor mover Em103

Enduro motor mover Em103 Repair

Will not switch on

mertik maxitrol

mertik maxitrol Repair

red light bulb missing , remote was dropped so please check everything else is ok . it is working but case feels a bit loose

Reich 100906G-034

Reich 100906G-034 Repair

It will not switch on properly. Switch-on is a double press of the On button and there is a faulty connection somewhere, I can hear the control box clicking but the push button light will not stay on.

Denon RC-899

Denon RC-899 Repair

The remote only works within 18" of the amp. The backlight doesnt work. Battery terminals are rusty.

Bathroom TV

Bathroom TV Repair

Only the on button seems to work. Suspect the remote is water damaged.



UP button on remote lights the LED and is received by the receiver and causes the gas fire flame to increase but the DOWN button lights the LED on the remote but is not received by the receiver and does not turn down the gas supply to reduce the flame. All batteries changed and examined by BRITISH GAS SERVICE ENGINEER who was unable to resolve problem. Gas fire can be operated manually on and off and is safe to use.

High Tech Health Circulation Booster V2

High Tech Health Circulation Booster V2 Repair

Battery contact eroded away due to batteries being left in over a period of time


Powrtouch Repair

9v battery in handset discharges even when the remote is turned off so we have been removing the battery after each use. Unfortunately this has caused the battery clip to become damaged and one of the wires has detached. Other than this the remote currently works properly.


linn Repair

nothing functions Dropped it and something rattles inside

MertikMaxitrol G30- ZRHS

MertikMaxitrol G30- ZRHS Repair

The remote is only operating one way and will ignite the fire by remote however it will not turn the gas down or the fire off both lights work on the remote I am happy to pay any extra costs to have this repaired as a pensioner I cannot lift off the frame every time I want to use the fire many thanks

Truma GO2

Truma GO2 Repair

Dropped and front case came off. On/off button moves but nothing happens

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHTT

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHTT Repair

Floor drop, ultrasonic tansmitter failure?



‘turn up heat’ control working fine but ‘turn down heat’ control has little or no signal to receiver unit

Truma SE

Truma SE Repair

Beeps all the time as if fault. We thought caravan battery dead so bought new but still beeps we’ve replaced remote batteries, Duracell but even when van hooked to mains still beeps. The only time works is when wiggle batteries with cover off.

Sarson Waterproof

Sarson Waterproof Repair

The remote has stopped working. I’ve changed the battery with no success and I’ve tried to do the fix from YouTube but again with no success.

Mertik Maxitrol

Mertik Maxitrol Repair

Signal to receiver only works when remote right up to receiver





Powakaddy Repair

All buttons except the power button stopped working at the same time and then a day or so latter the power button also stopped working, So no life in the remote at all now

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