Repair Work Carried Out At Remote Fixer


Dometic Repair

Sometimes it works other times not!!!

Magiglo ( G30 ZRRS  reciever )  G30 ZRHS

Magiglo ( G30 ZRRS reciever ) G30 ZRHS Repair

Wont work up or down. Intermitante flash from reciever unit. this unit is colour coded yellow I have sent another unit (reciever + handset) which is marked pink.

Faber ce 0122

Faber ce 0122 Repair

there are 2 buttons. left to decrease flame and right to increase. the left decrease button had been struggling to work and it's not been used for a month or so. However, having tried again just now, the left button appears to be working ok but the right increase flame button is not!

Truma M1

Truma M1 Repair

Battery coil damaged and the on off switch we have lost some parts after the remote was droped on the floor

Schaub-Lorenz MC-2250

Schaub-Lorenz MC-2250 Repair

Standby and Up/Dn buttons (top left) not working anymore, but other buttons should be checked (and cleaned if necessary) as well


Lexus Repair

Battery corrosion


E-Go Repair

All functions appear to work apart from the reverse direction button. On all the others i get a 'click' from the control box. When selecting reverse direction- nothing

Powrtouch PWRT/3/62211

Powrtouch PWRT/3/62211 Repair

Bottom left arrows not working

RF 02 433RC

RF 02 433RC Repair

Plastic casing cracked in two

Merlin M-872

Merlin M-872 Repair

One will only work within a short distance of the garage. The other has a similar issue because it had be lost outside and found a long time later.

Dometic Heki 4

Dometic Heki 4 Repair

I just bought a campervan with a roof window and can't open it because the remote semms not to work.
I send it to you for electricity checking and button fixing.

Vibradorm VIF/COM 00.103.101

Vibradorm VIF/COM 00.103.101 Repair

Does not turn on. There is no red light. The battery is good.


UKT Repair

LCD screen on remote is completely blank, and doesn't show the normal indicators.
Can no longer turn on my Air Con unit.
Before it completely died, the LCD screen was showing a scrambled pattern.

Celebrity 3 button

Celebrity 3 button Repair

As described on phone this morning Reset button not working - rise button works intermittently if I bend cable back - return button works ok at moment


Vibradorm Repair

The remote has stopped working the red light does not come on.


Merlin Repair

Green Light doesnt blink anymore and wont operate garage.

Fakro ZWP10

Fakro ZWP10 Repair

The battery holder has broken at the bottom so new batteries will not stay in place. looks to me light it could be repaired quite easily.

Garage PDT KF04-433r

Garage PDT KF04-433r Repair

Intermittently works


Quattro Repair

light does not stop on so conequently will not pair up with mover

Firmadoor TXA1

Firmadoor TXA1 Repair

The remote control is damaged as we reversed our car over it. The back has broken off into pieces. Although the red light comes on when we push the button, the garage door will no longer open using the remote.


Quattro Repair

Won’t power on

Heki 4

Heki 4 Repair


Truma Go2   RH1

Truma Go2 RH1 Repair

Not working

KS Chorus

KS Chorus Repair

No buttons working (power button working intermittently) remote has been dropped

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