Repair Work Carried Out At Remote Fixer

REICH 527-0521 - S/N K14738

REICH 527-0521 - S/N K14738 Repair

Handset does not switch on. It was working at the end of the last season (October 18). New batteries on Monday (15/04/19). Checked the batteries with a meter before putting them in.

Purple line

Purple line Repair

Worked a month ago. Switched on - nothing. No movement, no light.

Changed battery nothing.


Sleepeezee Repair

Needs new cable

Truma Te

Truma Te Repair

Battery terminals corroded

Denon RC-871

Denon RC-871 Repair

Haven't used for approximately 18 months removed AA batteries prior to storing. Worked fine prior to storing. Put new batteries in and nothing, tryed reset still nothing.


Grohe Repair

Control either showing Clear Up or is showing letters over each other so cannot read them to follow the instructions.

Saunier Duval ZH/LT-01

Saunier Duval ZH/LT-01 Repair


Enduro EM203

Enduro EM203 Repair

There seems to be a loose wire in the hand set. If i wiggle the battery it seems to work or it could be the on/off Red button on the hand set.

Mertik G30 ZRHSO / G30 ZRSS

Mertik G30 ZRHSO / G30 ZRSS Repair

Buttons on remote light led but do not operate receiver

PurpleLine Enduro

PurpleLine Enduro Repair

Despite changing the battey there is still a problem with the remote. The light hasnt worked on it since we got it 2nd hand but the remote did control the mover. The battery was flat on the caravan and the remote so after sorting both out I did get some life from the Motor Mover in the form of 3 clicks and it did look like the MM was being driven on via the button I was pressing. However that was one of just a few times that the remote has seemed to talk to the MM


Bed Repair

The button that works the head also now 2 wires have come off


PDT Repair

Little metal piece which holds batteries has broken off. Remote wasn’t working tried to change batteries

Canton  DM 55

Canton DM 55 Repair

Only functions on the remote that work is the volume control and thats intermittent.

None of the other functions works.

Cordula PDTKF04433RC

Cordula PDTKF04433RC Repair

Up and down buttons are not working reliably.

Merton maxtrol G30-01138327. Argos.  10

Merton maxtrol G30-01138327. Argos. 10 Repair

Broken neg wire for battery and one button of the three very hard

Enduro EM103

Enduro EM103 Repair

Battery terminal connections from the remote to the snap connections has broke but unsure if this is the only problem as the caravan with the motor mover fitted has only recently been purchased by us so we have never seen it actually working.


Canton Repair

Buttons not working even with replaced battery.

Gazco G30 006321 DB

Gazco G30 006321 DB Repair

Remote control not activating.

Truma se

Truma se Repair

Green light not flashing with new batteries fitted

Panasonic IR6

Panasonic IR6 Repair

some buttons not working particularly guide, video menu, back/return(do work intermittently)


Quattro Repair

Led flashes when batteries inserted but power button doesn't appear to work (doesn't connect to mover). Remote had been accidentally left in gas locker over winter and was slightly moist when retrieved


GAZCO Repair

Button which allows you to increase or lower temperature is not working correctly. Upper button will not respond when pressed. believe might be stuck sellonoid? or something similar.


LG Repair

Volume buttons have to be pressed very hard to adjust volume but this only works intermittently now.

Purple Line Quattro

Purple Line Quattro Repair

I have taken our caravan to Caravan Solutions in Romsey who confirmed the Control Unit and Motor Mover itself are not at fault. The Remote Control light comes on and registers / bleeps with the Control Unit which displays a green light. However none of the buttons make the mover rollers work.

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