Recent Repair Jobs

Hofmann brekon 141-4 anlogue

Hofmann brekon 141-4 anlogue Repair

some buttons not working

Bang & Olufsen Audio Terminal

Bang & Olufsen Audio Terminal Repair

Remote completely does not work. Steps already taken: wire from the battery terminal to circuit board removed as it was nearly coming off and it was replaced by a wire that is not from the remote originally. Did not fix the fault. the original blue wire on the battery terminal is in the battery compartment (it is too small to refit). No other attempted fixes on the circuit board. Back was already missing a single screw.

Velux 3LR A01 WW Type 83321201

Velux 3LR A01 WW Type 83321201 Repair

Remote control no longer works despite battery changes ?caused by battery leak. No on screen display of any kind


Adjustamatic Repair

remote has stopped working all together .Pressing the powe button just flashes the power light for a second and makes a clicking sount at the transformer box . I do know about the crack on the screen its been like this for years

Willow brook Vibradorm

Willow brook Vibradorm Repair

Not working!!

Bodart & Gonay MMB22600

Bodart & Gonay MMB22600 Repair

the signal from the remote is not always getting through to the fire. In order to switch the fire off you have to disconnect the gas supply.

Kalfire Biko

Kalfire Biko Repair

Remote dropped and point for connection to battery broke off.


Keytec PLAY RGB Repair

Charger jack broken. Please supply replacement charger lead/usb if possible.



Battery Terminals damaged and broken.

Merlin M 872

Merlin M 872 Repair

Two buttons on remote both not working, one for door other for associated light.

Moved into property recently, it did work intermittently but stopped.

So I changed battery but made no difference.

Anthem mrx2

Anthem mrx2 Repair

gradually became less reliable, all buttons. Only way to get it to work was to twist the body of the remote. That eventually failed too

SwissFlex SF 575

SwissFlex SF 575 Repair

The electrical connection between the 2 buttons on top of the remote (one up, one down) and the wiring in the cable is faulty. Sometimes these buttons are working, mostly not (I have to wiggle the cable when I want the buttons to work).


Vibradorm Repair

Nothing obvious.

GAZCO Mertik Maxitrol G30ZRHSO and  G30ZRRS

GAZCO Mertik Maxitrol G30ZRHSO and G30ZRRS Repair

Hello Martin - I phoned in with this query: This is an intermittent fault with turning off the fire - however, it is happening more often than not now. Fire will turn on most of the time, but a couple of hours later we are (usually) unable to turn it off.
We suspect the remote as we can hear a very faint 'puffing' noise coming from the remote when it is working. [You have to hold it up to your ear]. However we cannot hear this noise when it is not working.
When it is working, we also find ourselves needing to get closer to the receiver for the signal to work.
Batteries have been changed in both control and receiver (several times) with no joy. Red lights work on both. We have also tried cleaning contacts on the remote's PCB.

Legend fires

Legend fires Repair

Broken wires and unable to get ignition bottom to work

Ableworld Stairlift

Ableworld Stairlift Repair

the down button the middle one wont work

Visua Ktv102

Visua Ktv102 Repair

Some buttons not working

Mertik maxitrol G30 zrrs

Mertik maxitrol G30 zrrs Repair

Remote seems to be working but the receiver light is not coming on and it's not operating the gas valve

Firmamatic N1845

Firmamatic N1845 Repair

Button #1 only works occasionally, suspect bad contact.


Gazco Repair

Initially the remote would work however the screen did not, now the control doesn’t work at all.

Canton Dm75

Canton Dm75 Repair

Remote runs each new battery flat within hours of fitting. Works fine for a while and the battery runs flat. Have tried several new batteries, all the same.

Mertik Maxitrol G30 - ZRHSO and G30 - ZRRS

Mertik Maxitrol G30 - ZRHSO and G30 - ZRRS Repair

Red led on handset not illuminating. No other signs as to why it is not working. Handset and receiver sent as agreed during telephone conversation.

NRG TXP868N013

NRG TXP868N013 Repair

The door no longer responds to the top button. The motor for the door works fine when the buttons on it are used to open and close the door itself so it's obviously a problem with the remote.

Nu-Flame  Mkiii

Nu-Flame Mkiii Repair

Main ignition buttons are temperamental and the increase and decrease buttons are non operational

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