Repair Work Carried Out At Remote Fixer


TRUMA Repair

Remote was dropped, the remote now rattles and doesn't work.

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS/ZRHS

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS/ZRHS Repair

Intermittent working; will turn the fire on with no problems, but does not turn off with remote. Gas engineer has confirmed remote or receiver at fault, fire is fine.

Mertik Maxitrol G30

Mertik Maxitrol G30 Repair

Open button will only operate close mode.i.ethe fire can only switch on manually.Both buttons will turn fire off.Alsothe on button seems erratic


Grohe Repair

Controller has no power. Replaced the Batteries for new but still the same. We have a second remote and that turns the shower on ok so it’s not the receiver.


Grohe Repair

2 remotes neither switch on with new battery’s

Triton Body dryer pad

Triton Body dryer pad Repair

Buttons missing circuits water damaged possibly

Sony RMT DS12iP

Sony RMT DS12iP Repair

Stopped working for no reason


Seitz Repair

fault unknown not working

Meridian 206

Meridian 206 Repair

Nothing happens when the buttons are pressed despite changing batteries.

Dimplex RC01-008

Dimplex RC01-008 Repair

I have a fire that only works off the remote control, working fine, turned off one night and the next day wouldn't turn on, initially thought fuse had gone in plug, changed that, nothing, then though maybe batteries needed replacing in remote so did that - still nothing. REading up on the controller looks like the infra red is no longer working

Royal UM204

Royal UM204 Repair

The switch has been intermittent recently but now won’t work at all. Feels very slack when you try to turn it on. Strangely, it played up previously when it was cold then worked again when it warmed up.

Robokaddy Bluewater Technology

Robokaddy Bluewater Technology Repair

Worked perfectly last time used. Unused for two years. Now completely dead. Battery good. Power to circuit board good. Model as shown in your ad i.e white face.

Grohe rc0603121517

Grohe rc0603121517 Repair

Not functioning although emits a sound

Bose RC18T1.40

Bose RC18T1.40 Repair

All functions do not work

Magiglo G30-ZRHSO

Magiglo G30-ZRHSO Repair

Top large button doesn’t work Seems to be stuck

LEGEND Brilliant Fire

LEGEND Brilliant Fire Repair

Buttons Faulty

Gazco MMB 22600

Gazco MMB 22600 Repair

This fire is in Spain and I left the batteries in and they leaked and since then the control doesn't function properly. It Will turn the fire on and off but it will not set the temperature on the auto setting and the temperature cannot be turned down when in manual mode and the fire doesn't react/switch down and or off when any temperature is received? Regards, Richard Wootton

Phillips  zenia 200

Phillips zenia 200 Repair

The answer button is very temperamental, and often does not connect when trying to answer telephone. Have marked the button on the handset with a sticker.It is the one with the telephone symbol on, at the very top, left hand side of phone. Not sure if it's possible to test to see if it works without receiving a call, but feel something is not making contact underneath the button. Appreciate even if you just give it a try to repair it.

Mertik Maxitrol C6R-R4A

Mertik Maxitrol C6R-R4A Repair

Although the LED on the remote will light up the receiver will not operate to either increase or decrease the flame on the gas fire.



Controller box doesn't seam to work a the red light on the front only flashes on when you put the batteries in then nothing, when you press the remote buttons nothing

Tempur System 2000

Tempur System 2000 Repair

The raising up the head of the bed button


HCS1 Repair

Electric remote control botton works out but the button to close the chair is not working


GAZCO MMB 22600 Repair

despite replacing batteries no response. Have to manually lite the fire


Enduro Repair

Old batteries leaked cleaned fitted new batteries did not work.after 5mins started to beep and got warm removed batteries.

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