Repair Work Carried Out At Remote Fixer



Top press button no working to ignite fire


Verine Repair

Remote light not responding when pressing all buttons and fire not responding

Dimplex Opti-v

Dimplex Opti-v Repair

Battery leaked


VISUA Repair

Just not working

Bemodern Detroit

Bemodern Detroit Repair

Button went starting with on/off and now nothing works.

Enduro Quattro

Enduro Quattro Repair

Hi. The remote will not switch on at all. The green LED does flash when you insert the third and final battery, but that is all.

Purple Line Quattro

Purple Line Quattro Repair

Most direction buttons appear to be failing. Only forward (up) and forward left are remianing I think.

SUN SN-131345

SUN SN-131345 Repair


bathroom Mirror TV IP65

bathroom Mirror TV IP65 Repair

Buttons are not working and we have lost the cover to the battery.

Philips HB 951

Philips HB 951 Repair

The display(LCD) does not work.


Willowbrook Repair

broken wires

Cordula  PDT KF04-433RD

Cordula PDT KF04-433RD Repair

Tried new batteries but does not work

Pioneer cu-VSA032

Pioneer cu-VSA032 Repair

The remote is entirely unresponsive. It has a touch screen that doesn't light up & none of the buttons work. It is quite old but it was working until recently.


Triton Repair

Stopped working so used spare for a while until a new battery was fitted, still not working. The battery cover on the rear is missing.

Hofman 131

Hofman 131 Repair

No led indication that the unit is working. Have replaced battery. We only use "Stop" "Left" "Right" buttons on top row. There is no battery cover, we normally just tape it over with a bit of filler cardboard.

Merlin M-872

Merlin M-872 Repair

Door not operating both buttons illuminate LED. 2nd unit works fine

Velux 83321201

Velux 83321201 Repair

corroded batteries

Reich Move Control  527-0520

Reich Move Control 527-0520 Repair

negitive wire came off the negitive battery conector, resoldered conector still has fault further inspection noticed clean hairline crack in ribbon conection from motherboard believe this maybe the fault

SWS SecuroGlide PDT KF04-433RC

SWS SecuroGlide PDT KF04-433RC Repair

Top Green Button (next to light) is intermittent

Mertik Maxitrol  G30-ZRRS

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS Repair

When using the remote, the red light on the remote is on solid. However the light on the receuver unit tuens red momentarily and switches off. Brand new batteries have been tried in both the receiver unit and the remote.

Sasaki 7 series

Sasaki 7 series Repair

The massage chair remote cable seems to be faulty as functions are not working on the massage chair and seems to be some sort of loose connection within the line. So therefore, is likely to be the a cable issue as most times there is a loss of connection between the remote and the massage chair.

Heki 4

Heki 4 Repair

All 4 buttons dont work all the time. Dont seem to be 'clicking' when pressed.


Quattro Repair

Reverse button does not function. This is the bottom button with the arrow pointing down.


E-go Repair

Remote will not switch on. Should be two pushes of the on button within 1 second

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