Recent Repair Jobs

PDT KF04-433RC RSO192RD1e

PDT KF04-433RC RSO192RD1e Repair

The top (go up) button works correctly. The lower (go down) button does not work although the indicator light on the remote door control lights up.

PDT KF04-433RC 299956

PDT KF04-433RC 299956 Repair

Open button not working after immersion in salt water

pdt kf04 433rc

pdt kf04 433rc Repair

The green button that closes the garage door isn't working. (This is the green button that it adjacent to the grey button)



no buttons work even after new battery but the red light stays constantly on at all times

Panasonic N2QAYB000715

Panasonic N2QAYB000715 Repair

Some buttons don't work such as AV, volume and GUIDE. Others are hard to use like volume

Kverneland  Un7558

Kverneland Un7558 Repair

Remote is not working after dropping it. Was working ok before hand. The two yellow buttons are the main ones I use but be good toget them all working.

Mertik maxitrol G6R-H4T5-GA

Mertik maxitrol G6R-H4T5-GA Repair

The remote wouldn’t turn off the fire and eventually after trying the wire in different places we got it turned off. Has worked with tape round for a few weeks but now won’t turn fire on

inconnu RCS-01C

inconnu RCS-01C Repair

meme apres avoir changé les piles,aucun effet. la petite lampe blanche temoin ne s'allume plus.


Vibradorm Repair

Nothing working

Yamaha RAV391

Yamaha RAV391 Repair

Remote still illuminates and will turn the amp off though not on. All other buttons have slowly faded to not working over the last year or so. Some, such as volume up, will periodically work if the button is kept depressed long enough, though only about 5% of the time. No leakage in the battery department & new batteries do not resolve the issue.


Adjustamatic Repair

it seems to do not work at all . Power button does not work at all.

Climapro 2

Climapro 2 Repair

Dropped remote. Signal still seems to be working, the receiver in the boiler flashes green but as you press the remote the red light will flash, but only when the button is activated, then it is off permanently.

Be modern detroit  RCS-01C

Be modern detroit RCS-01C Repair

Remote stopped working. Have tried replacing batteries, moving closer to receiver but no joy.

hofmann brekon 131

hofmann brekon 131 Repair

wires have been removed by a vehicle rolling over wiring.


Triton Repair

The 2 most used buttons have worn and no longer function as well. The plastic button cover is coming off making the contacts below it unreliable. The on/off button in top right corner is still working, but doesn't look like it will for much longer. The worst button is the one below it which is the "make it hotter" button. The button cover is badly damaged and can no longer make the body dryer go hotter. I really hope you can help please. Many thanks

Purpleline Quattro

Purpleline Quattro Repair

Remote control not connecting with main control unit. Service agent looked at caravan, suggested it was most likely remote at fault. (Press standby button twice in order to connect)

Foxpro TX9

Foxpro TX9 Repair

The remote button only works very occasionally. Have to press it numerous times.

Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas Repair

The rocker switch button is not making the LED come on any more and the slats won't move.

PDT KF04-433RC

PDT KF04-433RC Repair

Remote has been through washing machine. Replaced batteries and buttons all work. Followed instructions to programme remote but does not appear to have worked.


TKW128 Repair

Remote not working on numerous buttons

Sony KD-055XE9005

Sony KD-055XE9005 Repair

Working fine but casing broken

RUMAT Hulsta

RUMAT Hulsta Repair

Stopped working all together, for a long period before would raise the bed then struggle to lower it.

Rollertech V2 PDTKF04-433RC

Rollertech V2 PDTKF04-433RC Repair

I accidentally put this remote in the washing machine. The light illuminates red when I press the buttons but the garage doors don't open/shut. I am not sure if the garage remote needs repair or whether the remote needs re-coding to the garage.

Wurlitzer SMD 41-0150

Wurlitzer SMD 41-0150 Repair

It has stopped working. There is no light coming on when you press the buttons. Also the cover for the battery compartment has been lost but we had the problem before that happened.

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