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Sanyo RB-MM5000

Sanyo RB-MM5000 Repair

Seems to be a problem with fitting the battery or with the contacts


GAZCO Repair


Mertik Maxitrol G30 - ZRHSO

Mertik Maxitrol G30 - ZRHSO Repair

Remote was dropped onto a hard surface floor. the Led light still works but no signal being sent to the receiver. I have tried another remote of same kind to prove that the receiver works fine. Based on some of your previous repairs, could the ultra sonic transducer be broken in the remote handset ?

Gazco  8455

Gazco 8455 Repair

Remote suddenly stopped working (ie gas valve did not open remotely; still works perfectly OK on manual). No light on Receiver, but red light showing on remote handset. New batteries installed; same result. Handset and Receiver returned to you for checking/repair.

DUNGS MO-IRT-1-1 231304/ G02

DUNGS MO-IRT-1-1 231304/ G02 Repair

ON/OFF BUTTONS NOT WORKING - but up/down buttons are working

Xpelair  WHP245

Xpelair WHP245 Repair

Display show scontrol but goes off when used next to unit and unit does not respond, it has been intermittent

Vibradorm 00.103.247 PT01 2.2

Vibradorm 00.103.247 PT01 2.2 Repair

Remote control was dropped into divan base with a load bang (thought to be remote hitting bed metal rather than electrical). Remote shows no apparent physical damage but no red light on pressing buttons or bed operation and appears completely dead despite trying a new PP9 battery.

Mertik maxitrol  G30 ZRRS

Mertik maxitrol G30 ZRRS Repair

This remote is temperamental with this receiver (‘on’ much worse than ‘off’) But this remote works perfectly on my fathers receiver

My father remote seems to work correctly for ‘off’ with this receiver but temperamental for ‘on’

Implying that there might be an issue with both???


Sleepeezee Repair

After replacing the 9v battery the remote will not work. The red light initially lights up but when a button is pushed the light fades. The battery was replaced, and this time the red light remained on, but the control did not operate.

Gazco mertik maxitrol G30 zrhso z26

Gazco mertik maxitrol G30 zrhso z26 Repair

Remote was dropped and no longer works at distance,held mm of it still works.

Gloworm Climapro 2

Gloworm Climapro 2 Repair

No display

Magiglo Mertix Maxitrol g30-zrrs

Magiglo Mertix Maxitrol g30-zrrs Repair

Remote seems to work just fine as the light comes on, but the receiver was not doing anything, on checking the batteries in the receiver one had leaked. Replaced batteries but receiver now seems dead, no light being displayed on using the remote.


Humax Repair

"STB" and "TV" buttons are intermittent.

Mertik Maxitrol G30

Mertik Maxitrol G30 Repair

Remote Control stopped working/ not sending any signal even when beside the receiver unit after been accidentally dropped on wooden floor!

Marantz RC014SR

Marantz RC014SR Repair

Volume buttons not working.


RCS-01C Repair

The only button that works is flame as you actually get a beep and the flame comes on. It was working about 2 months ago.

Pioneer AXD1562

Pioneer AXD1562 Repair

will not connect to tv all it does is light up i have a pioneer krp 600a tv cant do much without remote thank you

Panasonic SA- PM08 - RAK-PM902WK

Panasonic SA- PM08 - RAK-PM902WK Repair

New Batteries-----Infra red does not light and equipment no longer responds.

Canton DM55

Canton DM55 Repair

It’s been temperamental since I got it 6 months ago, brand new battery but only works intermittently.


Gazco Repair

Remote not working at all


Magiglo Repair

Remote not working at all, even when we have changed the battery we are not managing to get any buttons to work, or for the red light to come on at all. The fault did not happen suddenly. We only discovered it was faulty when we tried to first use it after the summer.


Triton Repair

Heat button

Canton DM55

Canton DM55 Repair

Remote not functioning - would occasionally respond, but very intermittent. Tested using mobile phone camera, and no infrared single detected when not working.

Nu flame

Nu flame Repair

Beam not working

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