Repair Work Carried Out At Remote Fixer


Enduro Repair

As far as I can tell the main on/off buton is not working


Carver Repair

Unaware if remote even works turns on but all buttons loose don’t know if mover is receiving a signal from remote




REICH  527-0521

REICH 527-0521 Repair

No power to remote despite reset via main mover unit (12v powered) various new batteries used. no LED light from remote unit.

pdt  kf04-433rc

pdt kf04-433rc Repair

did work ok one day nothing, changed batteries no buttons do anything.had been lost for months and found under the sink unit but worked for about 10 times after finding.

Blyss 34HFU600GRT

Blyss 34HFU600GRT Repair

No reaction from appliance from any press of buttons. new battery fitted - same result


Powrwheel Repair

Left out in rain. Worked intermittently for a while only when pressing power up buttons for a long time. No will not power up at all

Truma Go2

Truma Go2 Repair

After several months of standing, green indicator light was continually flashing and xcaravan did not respond. Changed batteries, indicator light came on OK and caravan moved. Light went out permanently and caravan stopped. Handset now permanently dead.

Merrill Maxitrol

Merrill Maxitrol Repair

Stopped communicating with gas fire receiver unless very very close I.e almost touching Have tried new batteries but no success

Cardale Force 50

Cardale Force 50 Repair

The remote only works intermittently. I have put a new battery in it.

Bose RC18T1- 40

Bose RC18T1- 40 Repair

Stopped working - nothing works - changed batteries, no change.


Powrtouch Repair

The remote works well except when the battery is in the green light and hence the power stays on all the time which means I have to remove the battery every time I stop using it. I think the terminals will break if I keep doing this. The remote should only switch on when the 2 start buttons are pressed simultaneously.

Mertik  Maxitrol G30-ZRRS

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS Repair

No response from receiver although remote seems to be working. The receiver 'eye' looks to be damaged

Gliderol Gtn-m27

Gliderol Gtn-m27 Repair

Led flashes but door won’t open via remote. Local button still works on motor.


Firmadoor Repair

Would not open garage black button looks worn away when opened up so pressing with a screw but now black wire snapped

Kenwood RC-97M

Kenwood RC-97M Repair

Buttons suddenly stopped working. Oddly volume down now seems to perform the rewind function on the CD!

Enduro Quattro

Enduro Quattro Repair

Won't turn on

Invisua KTV102

Invisua KTV102 Repair

Remote just stopped working for no reason

Vibradorm ABS

Vibradorm ABS Repair

Fully operational but cord brittle and core exposed. Cord needs replacing as discussed on phone with Martin

Enduro purpleline Em4444

Enduro purpleline Em4444 Repair

Bottom butten (reverse) not working


Gazco Repair

No response when battery replaced. Connection damaged?

Canton Dm55

Canton Dm55 Repair

on/off button not working. Once on the other buttons work fine. Fault was intermittent but now not working at all.



1 metal tab has been detached from circuit boards so unable to connect to battery

Toshiba SE-RO388

Toshiba SE-RO388 Repair

batt checked no buttons working.

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