Recent Repair Jobs

TRUMA (E10282) Mover SE

TRUMA (E10282) Mover SE Repair

Does not turn on, after the device has dropped.

Mertik  Maxitrol G6R-H4S

Mertik Maxitrol G6R-H4S Repair

The negative wire for the battery connection has come loose

Powakaddy  Robokaddy

Powakaddy Robokaddy Repair

none of the buttons working

Powertouch  Series 1

Powertouch Series 1 Repair

At the start of this season I noticed that the ON button was working intermittently and suddenly stopped working. Changing the battery didn't fix it, while investigating the problem the black wire from battery connector sleeve popped out (may have already disconnected). Tried to test the connection by manually holding it at the right place but it doesn't seem to come on at all.

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS Repair

Remote would not close down gas fire. Shut off manually myself. After this remote would not operate gas ignition. Remote Control light show red, but no light on receiver.


Mchale Repair

Flashing red light constantly

Merck maxitrol G6R H4S

Merck maxitrol G6R H4S Repair

Not working, light occasionally flashes but won’t operate fore

Waslin Golf

Waslin Golf Repair

RC1: The left direction button has stopped transmitting. The button does press and click fine, but no signal is transmitted from it? All other buttons work fine.
RC2: The Antenna has snapped off, all buttons work fine, so would you be able to replace the Antenna?

Powrwheel  Fmcd 10168 002 13

Powrwheel Fmcd 10168 002 13 Repair

Changed batteries still wont work had motor mover tested and thats ok

Royal UM203

Royal UM203 Repair

the remote will not switch on. normally when you switch the controller switch on a green light comes on and an audible sound can be heard


Firmadoor Repair

Has been getting more and more temperamental and now stopped working completely. The red led now doesn’t come on at all when the button is pressed. After a google search your company came up with a picture of the same remote saying the button had packed in. Sounds like the same Problem.

Enduro Quattro

Enduro Quattro Repair

It won't power on. I haven't used it for a few month. went to move the caravan today double clicked the power button and no led light Changed batteries and tested batteries to no avail. I peeled off the button pad and cleaned up the contacts to no avail.


Firmadoor Repair

Pressing the button on the remote no longer operates the red light or the door motor


Carver Repair

the rover works ok in revers, both together and separartly. the forward buttons only work somtimes

Seceurglide KF04-433RC

Seceurglide KF04-433RC Repair

Remote stopped working, replaced batteries and made the mistake of pressing down on the battery holder forced new batteries in and one of the terminals popped out. As it stopped working before the replacement not sure if that is the only problem.


Celebrity Repair

The footrest up button not functioning or intermittent. Cable outer cover deteriorating but cable intact.



no buttons work. no red light . battery is not the issue.


Adjustamatic Repair

Remote not working as I have 2 beds I’m using the the one from the other bed so bed is working fine

Linn Classik

Linn Classik Repair

The unit has not been used for some time, batteries were left in remote. On trying to use again, a number of the remote buttons are not working. Specific buttons not working are on/off, TUN, MUTE, AUX, TP1, TREB-, BAND, SIGNAL, SCAN-, 2, 3, 5, 6, 0.

Bose  RC18T1-40

Bose RC18T1-40 Repair

suddenly went dead, no buttons working. Tried to change batteries, still dead. No prior warning of any faults or any buttons going wrong. Just the whole thing at once.

Sun sba 200/2080

Sun sba 200/2080 Repair

nothing is working i think problem with battery connection


Projector Repair

Batteries corroded inside remote, replaced them but no joy . It appears some buttons are working . I tested the remote using the camera on my phone which picks up the beam from emiter on the remote. Im not sure of the make as its an unbranded projector .


Mhouse Repair

Neither work!

Yamaha RAV420

Yamaha RAV420 Repair

The remote has stopped working following an apple juice being spilt on it. It was quickly wiped off and the batteries were taken out. The remote infrared sensor isn't sending any signals.

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