Recent Repair Jobs


Dometic Repair

No buttons appear to work at all, The LED on the unit flash as should which is why i think the remote is at fault


Triton Repair

Heat control buttons stopped working first and then on off stopped working as well.

Robokaddy Titanium Bluewater

Robokaddy Titanium Bluewater Repair

when insert battery into remote green light in centre of control stays permanently on. With trolley also turned on green light on handle of buggy also stays permanently green. Trolley will not respsond to any input controls on remote. If remove battery from remote trolley will work normally on manual turn knob on the handle.



The remote appears to have lost functionalists and despite the red light illuminating the unit will not operate to ignite or extinguish the fire. I have tried changing batteries to no effect. I have a second remote from another fire which works and so I have been able to ascertain that the light up mechanism on the fire is working normally so it appears to be a remote control malfunction


NAD SR-4 Repair

Not working at all. I have tried new batteries

Bose RCV1T-40

Bose RCV1T-40 Repair

Ok bottom is off and remote look like is frozen it’s and it’s keep sending signal.

Glow worm Climparo2 RF B (0020005221)

Glow worm Climparo2 RF B (0020005221) Repair

Remote not working, please help!

Mertik maxitrol G6R-H4S

Mertik maxitrol G6R-H4S Repair

Casing has melted

Pioneer  AXD 1562

Pioneer AXD 1562 Repair

Power button is very ( annoyingly ) intermittent .



The red light on the remote does not respond, I’ve changed the Batteries and it didn’t make the slightest difference.

Dometic KT1335.4

Dometic KT1335.4 Repair

Nothing working on remote

Firmadoor GDO-4

Firmadoor GDO-4 Repair

Not working. Black square push button suspect?

Telestyreisen 9400714-R

Telestyreisen 9400714-R Repair

No power

Nu -flame

Nu -flame Repair

Right hand lower button does not function ie controls the flame

PDT KF04-433RC

PDT KF04-433RC Repair

Unfortunately the remote got wet in the rain and no longer works and looks to have corroded afterwards.

Satellite electronics 1d6-1

Satellite electronics 1d6-1 Repair

No power




Triton Body dryer

Triton Body dryer Repair

Some buttons work, some dont

PDT KF04-433RC RSO192SRD1e

PDT KF04-433RC RSO192SRD1e Repair

Does not operate on any of buttons and indicator light on fob does not light up

Truma TE

Truma TE Repair

Unit fails to switch on

BE Modern appliance Detroit  RCS-01C

BE Modern appliance Detroit RCS-01C Repair

All buttons not functioning properly on the remote

Satelite Elec. (Zhongsan) Ltd ID8

Satelite Elec. (Zhongsan) Ltd ID8 Repair

Low works then Off works
Med works Off does not work
Hi works Off does not work
Hi to Med to Low does not work
Low to Med to Hi does not work
Off does not work

Mertik Maxitrol G8R H4T5

Mertik Maxitrol G8R H4T5 Repair

The remote has a few issues:
1. The black wire on the battery connector is loose, therefore the remote will sometimes not function at all. I have managed to get round this by securing the battery to the connector by using some masking tape! This holds the black wire in place.
2. Battery issue, NEW batteries immediately show with less than half charge and do not last very long. 3x new batteries have been tried (Duracell, Energizer etc) all with same issue.
3. Battery issue, the remote just does not seem to like certain brands of batteries, eg Duracell. The remote will come on as normal but no heater functions will work. If I switch to energizer, then remote will function as normal.
4. Even with brands that do work, these will only intermittently work. Eg, remote will fire up the heater, but after 10mins if you try to turn the heater down the remote (even though still powered on and display showing) will not turn the heater down. If you leave it for another 30mins or so then the remote will work as normal!
** For reference I have changed the batteries in the heater receiver box so these are brand new.
** Appreciate these might be odd issues

Glow Worm  Climapro 2 RF B

Glow Worm Climapro 2 RF B Repair

One of the spring's has broken and some of the plastic either side of the spring has broken off.

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