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Paragon Focus HE Brilliant Slab FirePlace

Paragon Focus HE Brilliant Slab FirePlace Repair

The remote control doesn't seem to be working with the fireplace. We are having to switch the fireplace on manually. There is an amber light when you press the button to switch it on.

Yamaha RAV 180   V268670

Yamaha RAV 180 V268670 Repair

The remote was not working properly. The transmit/learn light was flickering continually and the display on the DSP-A2 was cycling through as series of menus. The buttons were not having the appropriate effect on the machine but there was a reaction/pause in the menu cycling and the transmit/learn light on the remoter seemed to go on constant while the button was pressed.....the light no longer even flickers. Every thing dead on the remote. even the background key light does not work. Tried to clear the macros (not that I had created any) and then also tried the reset button in the battery compartment but no joy.

Mertik Maxitrol

Mertik Maxitrol Repair

The unit controls our Magiglo gas fire. The ignite buttons should both be pressed to ignite the fire but appear to work by pressing the left-hand button its own. The red light seems to glow all the time with varying brightness. I have changed the battery but the fault still persists.


Verine Repair

Appears completely dead. Transmit light does not illuminate pressing any button.

Bathroom Television

Bathroom Television Repair

Tv is not responding to the remote despite new battery

Flambeau EAB335NG

Flambeau EAB335NG Repair

Unable to light the fire buttons on left hand side do not connect with the fire - buttons on right hand side are working, but intermittently. Battery has always appeared to 'rattle about' within the remote unit.


TRUMA Repair

Remote not working after a falling on floor.


Vibradorm Repair

Break in wires at the junction of the handset

Triton Luxury Body Dryer 2180514G

Triton Luxury Body Dryer 2180514G Repair

Power on button not working, also the up temperature button

Alpine LandRover

Alpine LandRover Repair

Was completely inoperable. basic investigation suggests acid damage to battery contacts.

Bose RC-9

Bose RC-9 Repair

+/- volume buttons not effective unless you stand close to unit, also speaker selection buttons the same you have to be close to unit. These faults are intermittent but have recently got much worse.

CCTV Dome Controller

CCTV Dome Controller Repair

+- of the batteries have disconnected from the circuit board. I have attempted an home repair and hope I have not done too much damage

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRHSO

Mertik Maxitrol G30 ZRHSO Repair

The hand held part of the remote control works perfectly to turn the fire on. When turning it off it is ,at best, intermittent, and sometimes does not work at all. When it does not work the red light on the handset does not come on.

Honeywell DRU

Honeywell DRU Repair

LCD screen was malfunctioning partially (randomly showing / not showing) at first and has now stopped showing anything at all. The remote was operational when partially working and probably still ok from a functional p-o-v. (This is hard to test without the display working).

Triton Airobe

Triton Airobe Repair

not working

Aurora Victoria Electric Fireplace RCS-01c

Aurora Victoria Electric Fireplace RCS-01c Repair

Fireplace does not turn on with remote now after changing batteries, before would turn on however only with great difficulty now on/off button does not work

Paragon  Focus HE

Paragon Focus HE Repair

Only button that it is working is the “Stand By” button. Rest of them not working. Obviously tried new batteries with no success.

mertik maxitrol

mertik maxitrol Repair

Does not work to start, control or end operation of the fire. Red lights do go on for starting, increasing and reducing flame but no indication that receiver is receiving. As this follows dropping of the remote on the floor I guess it is more likely to be the remote than the receiver. Do you service receivers also and should I send both?

Mertik Maxitrol G30 - zrrs

Mertik Maxitrol G30 - zrrs Repair

Remote lights up but receiver only picks up signal intermittently. Sounds similar to one of your other mertik repairs

Brilliant Slab

Brilliant Slab Repair

Remote will not connect to fire. Have tried new battery. Have taken photo of IR lens. Nothing happens

Mertik maxitrol

Mertik maxitrol Repair

On off buttons not working loose wire on black wire tried with tape fixed off button but still needs securing properly but on button does not work when pressed


Mertik Repair

Receiver/ remote not working

Valor  Fire 846

Valor Fire 846 Repair

Fire remote control is not working at all .

Martik Maxitrol G30

Martik Maxitrol G30 Repair

Won't turn up only down

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