Repair Work Carried Out At Remote Fixer

Sony RHT-G900

Sony RHT-G900 Repair

Volume control buttons inoperative

Gazco. Fire 8615LUC

Gazco. Fire 8615LUC Repair

Th fire is 5 years old and has a Radio type Hand set control. It has started using up the 9 Volt Battery within four days. There is a another type of handset with a LCD scree. Mine doesn't have that it aplain fronted type.


Triton Repair


Thermaglide PDTKF04-433RC

Thermaglide PDTKF04-433RC Repair

No signal on any button press

Magiglo 0154738

Magiglo 0154738 Repair

Hasn’t worked for a while. Just had fire serviced and engineer suggested replacing receiver.

Mertik maxitrol G30-ZRRS

Mertik maxitrol G30-ZRRS Repair

The remote works fine, but the G30-ZRRS unit doesn't seem to be responding.

Bose RC28T1-40

Bose RC28T1-40 Repair


marti maxi trol

marti maxi trol Repair

The remote was working intermittently I changed the battery on the receiver and the remote control Both were working fine for a couple days yesterday it stopped working the light on the remote goes on but the receiver light does not go on indicating no signal received. I am sending both the receiver and remote.


SONY RMT-D217P Repair

I dropped the remote onto a wooden floor and the floor won. Nothing works, and the casing separated slightly and it looks like the soldered joint to the battery has broken .


Burley Repair

Wires have come off board inside. Had them soldered back on however it is not sending signals to the fire

Pioneer VSX-AX2AV

Pioneer VSX-AX2AV Repair

we only use the remote for basic functions but the volume and mute buttons are not operating but seem to be changing modes on the amp when we press these buttons

Fireplace RCS-01C

Fireplace RCS-01C Repair

fire does not respond to r.c.

fitted new batteries -nil effect.

no signs of life from r.c.

Merrill maxitrol G30-zRRS

Merrill maxitrol G30-zRRS Repair

Replaced batteries. Unresponsive. LED not lighting when remote buttons pressed

Wurlitzer  SMD 41-0150

Wurlitzer SMD 41-0150 Repair

Just stop working changed batteries but still no joy maybe sensor issue

Denon RC-871

Denon RC-871 Repair

Unit is dead

mertik maxitrol

mertik maxitrol Repair

not functioning red light flickering. Remote dropped on floor from seat height.

faber CE0122

faber CE0122 Repair

Controls on Fire appear to work by hand and Remote Control works intermittently to increase flame but not at all to reduce flame. I can open the Fire Front and operate the knobs by hand.

Sleepeezee T83775  D/C 9806

Sleepeezee T83775 D/C 9806 Repair

All the buttons are working bar the head massage button number 2. However, the remote is on the wrong frequency and is operating the other half of the bed which has its own remote control panel. This remote was operating the correct side of the bed until we changed the battery.

Mertik Maxitrol G6R

Mertik Maxitrol G6R Repair

Receiver does not appear to receive signal from remote

Bang & Olufsen Beolink 1000

Bang & Olufsen Beolink 1000 Repair

This came with a B&O CD player that I bought off eBay - the seller told me the remote didn't seem to be working, due to what they thought was a battery leak.

Expelair Digitemp

Expelair Digitemp Repair

Both remotes do not function at all, for a brief while one screen had what appeared to be a reset screen with all icons showing however this has now dissapeared as well

Legends Fire

Legends Fire Repair

All 4 buttons aren’t working great but in particular the top left one (bigger round button) which is used to switch the fire off

Bose  321 GSX

Bose 321 GSX Repair

not working

Purpleline Enduro

Purpleline Enduro Repair

No LED response. New battery fitted without success. No communication with Electronic Control Unit in Caravan.

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