Repair Work Carried Out At Remote Fixer


Ultraframe Repair

Wire contacts inside battery case,broken and corroded at the bottom of the remote.

Celebrity riser chair

Celebrity riser chair Repair

The left hand side button (riser function) stopped working, both other buttons work perfectly


HSL Repair

Bottom left button working very sporadically! (the recliner button)
It works occasionally if you put your fingers behind the lead at the bottom of the remote and push hard in a forward motion.


Truma Repair

The remote control intermitantly stops working. Sometimes If you shake it it will connect and work but not always


Truma Repair

Battery connections corroded. Remote does not switch on with new batteries


CELEBRITY riser Repair


Widney Camargue

Widney Camargue Repair

Remote control no longer responds to button presses. Despite 2 sets of new batteries tried.


Velux Repair

The screen of the remote will no longer turn on either using batteries or using the USB cable. Occasionally it does flash on and off intermittently. This means that the window cannot be opened.

Sleep secrets

Sleep secrets Repair

Down button not working


Powrtouch Repair

Remote was working until the battery low warning came om. Replaced the battery and the remote doesn't work. Also the cord intermittently doesn't work.

Truma SR (M2 model)

Truma SR (M2 model) Repair

Battery connection terminals broken off inside remote controller

Satellite Electronic (Zhongshan) Co.,Ltd HC61

Satellite Electronic (Zhongshan) Co.,Ltd HC61 Repair

I am not able to operate my fan using the remote control. I don't see any lights emitting from the red cover when I press any buttons (as in your video). I've installed new batteries but not sure what else to check with it.

Hsl TH272039009

Hsl TH272039009 Repair

2 buttons on bottom of remote won't work


HSL Repair

The bottom left button is not working most of the time the one to raise the legs.


Velux Repair

The red light does not come on even with new batteries and it does not operate the blind

HSL chair

HSL chair Repair

The bottom left button which operates the footrest no longer seems to work. I have semi taken remote apart but cannot completely disassemble.


E-Go Repair

The remote appears to be completely dead. I have changed the batteries but it made no difference. Despite apparently only being held together by one screw it was working perfectly in April but wouldn't light up when I went to use it this month. I acquired it when I bought the caravan 4 years ago and it has always worked fine until now.


HSL Repair

Power arriving but buttons not working


Aircon Repair

The remote does not activate the aircon unit. The buttons do not work and seem to be stuck.

 PDT  KF04-433RC RS0192SRD1e

PDT KF04-433RC RS0192SRD1e Repair

The remote lights up when the buttons are pressed but it won't open or close the shutter door.


GO2 Repair

No power in the remote

B&Q  WAP-021 EC

B&Q WAP-021 EC Repair

None of the buttons work ☹️




Restwell Z51280-13

Restwell Z51280-13 Repair

I think there is an issue with the cable at entry point to the control unit

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