Recent Repair Jobs

Hofmann Kon131

Hofmann Kon131 Repair

We have been told the remote is useless

Merlin M872

Merlin M872 Repair

2 remotes Green buttoned one has been working but looks to have a bad switch it doesn't click when pressed and has loss of the power light when not functionin.This has poor working range too and has to be on top of the motor to operate it when working. The second remote grey button does not work fault unknown but you may be able to resolve, looks as though someone may have tried to replace switches maybe badly.

Bodart & Gonnet MMB22600

Bodart & Gonnet MMB22600 Repair

completly dead


Bose Repair

The remote needs to be very close to the base to work. The attachment of the RF transmitter has come off.

Brilliant Slab 16

Brilliant Slab 16 Repair

The errors are not consistent. But the on switch does not operate the fire at all. The combination of two buttons seems to work to switch the unit off. The fire does however operate using the buttons located behind the front panel.


Triton Repair

Buttons not working.

Firmamatic GDO-4

Firmamatic GDO-4 Repair

nothing obviously wrong with the remote but nothing happens when buttons pressed. new battery inserted and still no good.

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS Repair

Remote appears to be working. Receiver will increase the flame level red light on, but on reducing the flame the red light will not stay on and flame will not reduce.


GLIDEROL GTX-M27 26.99MHz Repair

The front plastic adhesive face cover is lifting which holds the main button. The electronics still work so hope you can repair the remote.

BFM Europe

BFM Europe Repair

remote chewed by dog, won't come on and 2 buttons missing


Verine Repair

None of the buttons work well. Last time it was used we could not switch of the fire using the remote control.


Triton Repair

One remote has stopped working completely, and I had to remove most of waterproof facia to diagnose what was going wrong with it. The second remote ( as I have two body driers) also has a partial removal of the facia, but still works, but I have had to use tin foil to bridge gap between eroded solder to get the on/ off button to work. Both have essentially had steam/ water erosion from sitting in steamy bathrooms.


RCS-01C Repair

I think power button not working

Gazco Riva 67

Gazco Riva 67 Repair

Remote looks as if it's working (it does the right things when the batteries are installed) but it will not light the pilot light on the fire or adjust the flame when the fire is on.

Faber Smartphone CE0681

Faber Smartphone CE0681 Repair

Not functioneel buttons ( especially fire down). Receiver functioning fine.


Wharfedale Repair

All buttons not working new batteries have been tried


MERTIK G30 - ZRRS Repair

Remote function to turn fire down/off works fine - light on remove and light on receiver. The function to switch the fire on or up does not work light on remote but no response on the receiver.

Carver M606846

Carver M606846 Repair

Red light not operating. Mover not reponding.

Mertik maxitrol  ZRHSO

Mertik maxitrol ZRHSO Repair

Red light does not come on all the time. Its very hit and miss

Bathroom TV

Bathroom TV Repair

none of the buttons seem to be working replaced battery but still not working

Proofvision  Waterproof TV

Proofvision Waterproof TV Repair

Non responsive Have tried a new battery


Bellfires Repair

Cannot turn power on - have changed batteries but completely dead. Can hear something moving about when shaking so think something has come loose

Sun SBA 2000/2080

Sun SBA 2000/2080 Repair

intermittent fault sometimes works then doesn't


Proofvision Repair

nothing works

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