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Mertik Maxitrol G30 - ZRHSO and G30 - ZRRS

Mertik Maxitrol G30 - ZRHSO and G30 - ZRRS Repair

Red led on handset not illuminating. No other signs as to why it is not working. Handset and receiver sent as agreed during telephone conversation.

NRG TXP868N013

NRG TXP868N013 Repair

The door no longer responds to the top button. The motor for the door works fine when the buttons on it are used to open and close the door itself so it's obviously a problem with the remote.

Nu-Flame  Mkiii

Nu-Flame Mkiii Repair

Main ignition buttons are temperamental and the increase and decrease buttons are non operational





Sleepeezee Repair

Remote does not work. Changed battery. Red indicator light does not come on when pressing any button.

Sirocco ECO2

Sirocco ECO2 Repair

the wire that goes to the battery has snaped or come loose


Gazco Repair

Remote has been working well. Then one night I retired but in the morning, the fire was not on as programmed. When I looked at remote, the display had no readout. It was completely blank and none of the buttons worked. I thought it was the battery and bought a new battery. The display on remote is still blank and none of the buttons responded.When I went to put fire on manually, the pilot had gone out. One more thing to mention, I have only just had the pilot assembly replaced so was surprised that the pilot was out.

mertix maxitrol

mertix maxitrol Repair

When I push the down button - the light on the remote comes on and the gas stove attempts to turn down the flame.

When I push the up button - no light on the remote control comes on and the gas stove doesn't turn up the flame

 PDT KT04-433RC

PDT KT04-433RC Repair

Both remotes don’t work

Orbitsound  T12

Orbitsound T12 Repair

The remote control stopped working after the battery was inserted upside down in the battery tray and pushed in to the remote body.

Then had to knock remote against table in order to remove battery tray.After battery inserted correctly the remote wouldn’t work.

Focal point Evoke F930305

Focal point Evoke F930305 Repair

Remote was dropped and stopped working. Tried replacing battery. Thereafter opened up and saw bits had came loose off circuit board and tried to glue them however didnt work.

Verine Vertex

Verine Vertex Repair

no lights when pressing buttons

Mertik maxitrol  G30 zrhs

Mertik maxitrol G30 zrhs Repair

1st remote will only works when it is right up against the receiver.

The 2nd remote up button works as normal, but the down button will only work when it is right up against the receiver.

GROHE wireless shower  45 441

GROHE wireless shower 45 441 Repair

Shows fault code 01 Service. Obtained instructions for resetting from GROHE and taken steps up to and including register, rest button and green light flashing but screen reverts to 01 service and no audible beep as per the re-set instructions.

Mertik maxitrol G30 zrrs

Mertik maxitrol G30 zrrs Repair

The remote does not operate the fire, changed both sets of batteries and still won't work. Fire operates manually.

Fatman Audio Itube Carbon Edition (one)

Fatman Audio Itube Carbon Edition (one) Repair

Suddenly stopped working alltogether Amplifier doesnt respond to any of the buttons on the remote

Besenzoni 7cs 99001

Besenzoni 7cs 99001 Repair

appears to work then stops fiddle with the battery and sometimes it will work last time tried to use it did nothing

Mertik Maxitrol G30-zrhso

Mertik Maxitrol G30-zrhso Repair

The down button is working. when pressed the led on the handset lights and the led on the receiver lights and the motor which activates the gas valve moves in a direction to reduce the flam of the fire. That is as it should be. The other two buttons on the remote appear to do nothing. When pressed the led on both the handset and receiver do not light and the motor which moves the gas valve control does not move.

Canton DM60

Canton DM60 Repair

Remote control does not work

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHSO

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHSO Repair

remote not working, have changed battery to no avail, when i out new battery in the remote made a buzzing noise, the red light comes on when you push the buttons down


Triton Repair

Buttons don't work, mainly the one to switch heater on

Brilliant Ledge 30

Brilliant Ledge 30 Repair

only works intermittently

GAZCO Riva 67

GAZCO Riva 67 Repair

The remote control, which is the only way of switching on and off the backlit flame effect and the two heating elements in the electric fire. At first it started to take several attempts holding the remote at different angles to make it work. This gradually got worse, until it failed completely and new batteries made no difference. The only control on the fire itself is a knob that increases or decreases the heat once the fire is on. There is also a switch that turns the power supply on and off.

Musical Fidelity A308

Musical Fidelity A308 Repair

Remote control some buttons were working but now no buttons are working

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