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Humax Repair

"STB" and "TV" buttons are intermittent.

Waterproof Wp2601m

Waterproof Wp2601m Repair

The remote has stopped responding and the tv can’t be switched on or off the battery has been replaced

Domestic Heki 4

Domestic Heki 4 Repair

One controller works intermittently and other is missing a button and battery link is not original thank you


RCS-01A Repair

Replaced batteries and just doesn't work!

B&Q Electric Fire ldbl2000a-dd5r

B&Q Electric Fire ldbl2000a-dd5r Repair

buttons stopped working properly and were being abit hit or miss if they worked but now the remote control has stopped, no lights going on when buttons are being pressed


Visua Repair

not working at all.


ID8 Repair

Remote control for fan is not working, when placing batteries in remote the infa red is always showing a red light when pressing the buttons. Nothing is working.



Have put new batteries in it was working up until last week, the red infa red lights shows up on the remote but does not switch the box on hope you are able to fix for me. best for now Denise

Gazco - Metik Maxitrol  G30-ZRHSO-Z26

Gazco - Metik Maxitrol G30-ZRHSO-Z26 Repair

Remote signal is only received when held immediately adjacent to receiver.


Carver Repair

The remote doesn't work even after changing batteries, the light doesn't work either


GO2 Repair

When switched on it doesn’t work. Usually it emits a beeping sound. Batteries changed, still not working.

Waterproof LCD TV  TKW128

Waterproof LCD TV TKW128 Repair

No buttons on the remote control are responding.

Bose rcv1t-40

Bose rcv1t-40 Repair

The remote is not responding at all now. We have changed the battery twice so doesn’t seem to be that as an issue. There was some battery leakage a while ago with white residue inside the remote but even after cleaning it, the remote does not work.

Gaprufte Sicherheit

Gaprufte Sicherheit Repair

remote not working - when put new batteries in - smokes!


RCS-01C Repair

Nothing is working since it was dropped. Put new batteries in but still nothing

Canton DM50

Canton DM50 Repair

Remotes not working anymore. I have changed battery several times, restarted the DM50 several times but there is no connection between remote-control and soundbar. The soundbar is working as always but without control.

PDT KF04-433RC RS0192SRD1e

PDT KF04-433RC RS0192SRD1e Repair

The battery contact has become detached and needs to be soldered back into position. The broken bit is inside the remote control casing.


Verine Repair

The off/ reset and the standby buttons don’t appear to be working at all now and the LED at the top of the control doesn’t light up. We aren’t sure about the right hand buttons because we can’t turn the fire on now. We have tried changing the battery . The buttons used to work but you had to push them really hard and even then it was intermittent.

Merlin M-872

Merlin M-872 Repair

Big button broken. Small button not responding. Battery out of date.

Mertik Maxitrol B6R-H8TL3W

Mertik Maxitrol B6R-H8TL3W Repair

Remote was dropped and now won't switch on, light rattle when shaken

Truma Mover

Truma Mover Repair

No power - dead Tried new batteries

Mertik G30-ZRHS

Mertik G30-ZRHS Repair

The receiver does not respond when pressing either the up or down button on the remote.

Samsung  AH59-01662C

Samsung AH59-01662C Repair

Controller unresponsive to all buttons

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