Repair Work Carried Out At Remote Fixer


Th7r-2039-006 Repair

Lead and front plastic if possible


Willowbrook Repair

Small metal piece inside remote has come away near where the battery goes.


Rds Repair

Auto Start button and red safety button stuck on

Royal  UM303

Royal UM303 Repair

The remote is dead, despite fitting a new battery.



Remote no longer operates the Hi-Fi unit

Ego 0309 motor mover

Ego 0309 motor mover Repair

No response when pressing on also something was loose inside the remote Have tried lots of different new batteries but nothing,


Valor Repair

Remote will not switch Fire on


Celebrity Repair

The foot rest control button does not operate (bottom right) and the rise button (bottom left) is intermittent. this is four button controller plus a reset button.


firmadoor Repair

will not open or close door when pressed,faulty micro switch

Powrwheel / Powrtouch

Powrwheel / Powrtouch Repair

The remote will not power on when pressing the two green power buttons simultaneously, as per instructions. On our last two trips recently, the remote has failed to power on. But after a few attempts, it has responded.


Dometic Repair

It is the silver connector for the battery that had broken off so the remote is not working.

Enduro / Purple line

Enduro / Purple line Repair

i have just purchased a new to me caravan and it has a purple line motor mover attached, the seller told me he couldn’t get the remote to turn on, i put a brand new battery in and nothing, their is a screw holding the battery cover on but it’s one i found and i’m not sure it’s not to long


celebrity Repair

cable damaged remote is working


Adjustamatic Repair

Wires have broken on lead


Att Repair

dropped, now not working no led


Gazco Repair

Despite changing the batteries on the remote - it will not communicate with the Gazco gas fire.

Running pad treadmill

Running pad treadmill Repair

Plus button non-functional Pressing other buttons keeps red light on continuously

Mertik Maxitrol  G6R-H4TV14

Mertik Maxitrol G6R-H4TV14 Repair

There are 2 wires to the battery, a black one and a red one and the black one has broken off the cap the fits to the top of the battery.

Berkline  3402HR

Berkline 3402HR Repair

Recline return button not working.

Vibraform VIF/CD6

Vibraform VIF/CD6 Repair

The warning light is on continuously and none of the buttons work.


Sherbourne Repair

Wires coming out of handset look damaged and handset not functioning as it should … either doesn’t work at all, works incorrectly or even at times on its own!


Powrtouch Repair

Doesn’t power on. The remote has alway been difficult to use, buttons have needed to be pressed really hard


Go2 Repair

Remote working ok apart from reverse button, none of the remote worked but when I lifted the cover skin off top of remote it all started working again apart from one button


Quattro Repair

Does not work on any reverse command.forward control ok.

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