Recent Repair Jobs


Sleepsecrets Repair

down button not responding to mains controller so mechanism on bed stuck up. The mains circuit clicks when up button pressed (it’s already up so seemingly responsive) TV still works and operates too. Changed remote batteries with no success so feel it’s a button issue- can’t find replacement remote.

Shan Tou Shi RB 1 bu

Shan Tou Shi RB 1 bu Repair

Remote control seems to be not working

Sony RM-808

Sony RM-808 Repair

all unresponsive

Paragon  2000 Plus

Paragon 2000 Plus Repair

The button to reduce heat stopped working a few weeks ago and now the on/off button does not work

Rocco Kinder  KBFL**RN

Rocco Kinder KBFL**RN Repair

The remote control is no longer turning the fire down. It will turn the fire on and turn up but not back down.


Ajustamatic Repair

the rubber start switch has fallen out

Powertouch  evolution

Powertouch evolution Repair

On handset the 2 green buttons are meant to turn mover on I have to press several times before the handset turns on

Pure Evoke-3

Pure Evoke-3 Repair

remote just stopped working. changed batteries but nothing. quick look on web and seems to be a common issue. no signs of corrosion and no liquids etc have been spilt on it. radio is still fine so be great if you can fix

 PDT KF04-433RC

PDT KF04-433RC Repair

not working


Keyton Repair

The chair doesn't react anymore on signals of the Remote-control


GAZCO EL0239 Repair

LED light on handset non-illuminating and controls buttons do not activate the fire. Swapped batteries for new, no effect

Grohe 45441

Grohe 45441 Repair

According to Grohe it has lost its connection to the sensor, they told me it couldn't be repaired. We also have the remote controller 45440 and that still works. We've installed the same shower in 2 other bathrooms and they still work fine (if that helps!)

mertik maxitrol  B6R - H8TL3W

mertik maxitrol B6R - H8TL3W Repair

fell down on the floor and stopped its further functioning. On/ Off button remains dead. Replacing batteries did not help.

Mertix Maxitrol B-123010

Mertix Maxitrol B-123010 Repair

Have changed the battery and still the red light does not light up


Verine Repair

Lights and operation intermittent

Cyrus Quattro

Cyrus Quattro Repair

not sending signal or operating hifi


Merlin Repair

on one you have to got to get close to the unit for it to work, the other not sure, may be the same.

Power Wheel

Power Wheel Repair

All buttons working but only when connected to cable minus battery in remote,otherwise remote not sending/receiving signal and remains dead.

Mertik maxitrol G6r h10

Mertik maxitrol G6r h10 Repair

Red light does not work on top of remote and buttons do not activate fire ignition.

Arcam Delta 110 Digital Preamplifier

Arcam Delta 110 Digital Preamplifier Repair

Battery compartment is badly corroded, battery contacts have rotted through and broken off. Very bad bodged soldering repair attempted. Remote has no response to any commands even with new fully-charged batteries.

Bathroom TV

Bathroom TV Repair

The remote is the same on in your main picture for and LCD television waterproof in a bathroom. The remote has just slowly stopped functioning and as such we cannot now use the remote control or TV.


Gazco Repair

Black wire in control has become detached. Also please not back is missing, do not expect this as part of repair but if you are able to source one I will cover the extra cos

Powrtouch  Classic

Powrtouch Classic Repair

When you press the 2 on buttons, instead of a solid green light, it starts flashing and the mover starts moving on its own. If I press a different direction it stops moving until I release the button then it starts in the original direction. The green light continues to flash all the time, it is like the bottom right direction button is stuck.

Sony RM AAL124

Sony RM AAL124 Repair

Volume - and muting buttons not working. Some of the other buttons are a little tricky too.

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