Repair Work Carried Out At Remote Fixer

Bang and olufsen Beo4 and beolink 1000

Bang and olufsen Beo4 and beolink 1000 Repair

2x non working beo4 remotes 1x non working beolink 1000 remote. 1x working beolink 1000 but battery contacts loose intermittent fault.



Would not activate the fire. On inspection we found that the black wire to the battery connector had come loose - this could be the cause but we are not sure if there are any other issues as it has been a bit odd for a while ie we had to stand really close to the fire to make it work.


Mirtek Repair

Dropped. Will work when very close to receiver, but not from further away. Tried new batteries.

Mertic Maxitrol   G30-ZRHSO-Z26

Mertic Maxitrol G30-ZRHSO-Z26 Repair

Remote dropped on tile floor and ceased to work

Mertik maxitrol  G6R-H4S

Mertik maxitrol G6R-H4S Repair

Apple juice spilled into remote . Dryed out . Changed battery . Works fine for first cpl of days then won’t work . Put in new battery , same again works fine for couple of days then dead again .

Mertik Maxitrol G30 -ZRRS

Mertik Maxitrol G30 -ZRRS Repair

down button working, up button not working

Winterwarm WWFH20 Base UNIT

Winterwarm WWFH20 Base UNIT Repair

The remote has been less sensetive over last few months and I had to come closer to operate the heater. Now it has stopped working I have put new batteries but still it does not work.
The unit has indication of power on when switched on. I had an electricin coming to take out the heater and check. According to him he could not find anything wrong there, it is clean inside and not clogged up. It looks like it could be the remote that is not working.



Remote Control for controlling the Gazco fire shows Low Battery warning even after fitting several new pp9 batteries.


Adjustamatic Repair

On off button difficult and working intermittently

Dru Fires Lanza (Serial No: 2501507240039)

Dru Fires Lanza (Serial No: 2501507240039) Repair

Remote Control has become unresponsive over time, first started out working intermittently (across all buttons on the remote) however now the remote does not work at all. Unfortunately the fireplace itself does not have buttons on to operate either, the remote is my only hope.

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS/ZRHS

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRRS/ZRHS Repair

Controller does not turn down/turn off the flame. The buttons to increase flame work and the led lights up on the receiver but not when pressing the close button. No signal seems to be sending. Both parts provided as suggest in email.

Truma M119463

Truma M119463 Repair

Not working after changing batteries. Small leakage from old batteries.



Batteries keep going flat,sometimes fire will light but will not turn off

Verine 18” acclaim zephyr convector

Verine 18” acclaim zephyr convector Repair

Top left button doesn’t appear to be working, not bringing on LED. Not lighting fire. All batteries changed with no effect (checked batteries and okay).


Celebrity Repair

Remote has 5 buttons . The button to extend foot rest is not working .

Canton DM50

Canton DM50 Repair

Remote will not power on the sound bar, it has been dropped by the kids a few times i think. I tried swapping out batteries etc. This is going to sound daft but can you check that i am using the correct batteries and that they are fitted etc. I was going to buy a replica remote but would rather have the original fixed if possible

TileVisioni TV5/00485/04

TileVisioni TV5/00485/04 Repair

Remote not communicating with the TV if able to turn on difficulty to turn off or can not turn on.

Mertik Maxitrol G30 - ZRRSB (receiver), G30-ZRHSO-Z26 (remote)

Mertik Maxitrol G30 - ZRRSB (receiver), G30-ZRHSO-Z26 (remote) Repair

The remote seem to have stopped communicating with the control unit and so will not control the gas fire controls. Remote battery changed and indicator led operates. Receiver battery changed but led does not light up when remote pressed.


Keyton Repair

It no longer connects to the chair the chair can still operate manually

Faber silence

Faber silence Repair

Left hand button missing

Move Control by Reich

Move Control by Reich Repair

Difficult to switch on. Once it’s on it works ok.


RCS-01 Repair

Remote does not work after falling off fire mantel. Not sending a signal on any buttons pressed to fire


Brilliant Repair

No buttons seem to work. I have replaced the battery but it makes no difference

Gazco  Mertik Maxitrol G6R-H4T5-GA

Gazco Mertik Maxitrol G6R-H4T5-GA Repair

Remote has stopped working. It’s 6 years old. We’ve checked the batteries in the control board and the remote but it isn’t batteries.

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