Repair Work Carried Out At Remote Fixer

Kal fire

Kal fire Repair

Changed the batteries after not been used for a whole. Nothing comes up on the screen

Mertek Maxitrol  RECEIVER UNIT

Mertek Maxitrol RECEIVER UNIT Repair

The problem appears to be in the receiver unit. We've got two gas fires with identical Mertek Maxitrol remotes and receiver units. This allows me to test that both remotes and one of the receiver units are working. The faulty receiver unit hasn't been in action for 6 months. The old batteries were flat but no sign of corrosion. On inserting new batteries, the unit appeared at first to be operational, but failed on connection of wiring to the servo motor. I'm seeing both receiver unit and controller.

Blyss KEM-16S-Y

Blyss KEM-16S-Y Repair

The Remote Box has stopped working completely. I have changed the batteries, but nothing.

Gazco Yeoman CL5

Gazco Yeoman CL5 Repair

Remote stopped working unless held very close to the receiver. Batteries replace in remote and receiver. Gas fire engineer advised replacing the receiver. Receiver replaced and still not working by remote.

Gazco MMB22600

Gazco MMB22600 Repair

Only operated the Studio one gas fire intermittently from day one.

Flavel  Emberglow

Flavel Emberglow Repair

battery connection to a 9v battery has snapped off


Truma Repair

Offside reverse button continually on

Glow worm Climapro2

Glow worm Climapro2 Repair

Ok button doesn't register.

Keyton grey remote. MMS-2000 ST

Keyton grey remote. MMS-2000 ST Repair

Nothing works, blank screen.

Truma AlKo Go2

Truma AlKo Go2 Repair

Battery contacts badly corroded/broken so very difficult to get batteries to make decent contact. Unit functions perfectly once batteries make contact!


SIT Repair

I can ignite the fire by pressing left buttons together but difficult to turn off the fire by pressing top left also bottom right button does not work which lowers the flame

Mertik Maxitrol  G30 - Zrrs

Mertik Maxitrol G30 - Zrrs Repair

Remote sometimes close gas valve but will not open valve

ABS 77005

ABS 77005 Repair

Got Wet, dried out. Previously dead, Light flashes now after drying. One button flashes other doesnt.


Carver Repair

nothing works, the battery holder is corroded and broken


Rcs-01c Repair

Flame control will not work which means the remote will not allow you to use the heat buttons, when fire controls are used the fire works as advertised, once you have turned the flame on the remote does all functions apart from turning flame on or off.

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHTT 9V DC

Mertik Maxitrol G30-ZRHTT 9V DC Repair

control was dropped onto fire place then it stopped working. I thought at first it could be the battery which i changed but no joy.


Bagnovision Repair

Changed battery , remote non responsive still

Gazco Mertik Maxitrol G6R-H4T5-GA

Gazco Mertik Maxitrol G6R-H4T5-GA Repair

Black Battery terminal broken. Done work around for a while and connected to battery directly. but having problems with operation, wont turn off wont turn on intermittant. Always showing battery low symbol even though i have fitted new battery. Checked new Duracell battery with volt meter reads 9.5volts, so battery is ok. Cant turn fire off so time to get it all fixed.

Ghrohe 45440000

Ghrohe 45440000 Repair

Not turning on. You fixed the same controller about a year ago. The batteries needed replacing and it now won’t work again. I’m hoping you can fix it again

Kenwood  RC-85

Kenwood RC-85 Repair

The remote to my much loved Kenwood HIFI system (circa 1992) got damaged in moving. The battery compartment and connections have come apart.
As far as I know the rest of it is OK.

Dimplex  Stockbridge flame effect fire

Dimplex Stockbridge flame effect fire Repair

On.button works fine. Off button will not switch fire off

Valor 5133250

Valor 5133250 Repair

Remote will not switch fire on or off. (Manual control on fire still functions)


Adjustamatic Repair

Cable covering is disintegrating. We had to cut it to release it from cable ties, the connector end is also in the package.


Gazco Repair

Remote lights up when both buttons are pressed but the receiver light doesn’t respond. However, when the ‘down’ button is pressed on the remote the receiver light does respond.
There doesn’t appear to be any battery leakage on either the remote or the receiver.

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