Recent Repair Jobs

PDT KF04-433RC

PDT KF04-433RC Repair

The 2 remotes have stopped working, none of the buttons work. Have tried new batteries but this made no difference.


Mirtek Repair

The remote control handset works well. But the receiver is not working on the 'shut valve' channel but seems to work on the 'open valve' channel. The red receiver indicator light does not work on either channel. I know the handset is fine as I have a spare receiver and the handset works perfectly with it. (Please let me know if you need the handset too for testing etc) I believe the problem is component based on the pcb.

Exodus  smart switch system

Exodus smart switch system Repair

No mode lights seen when pressing all the buttons. Batteries changed Fault remains.


Powrwheel Repair

New battery and when pressing the 2 on buttons together nothing happens

Swann Pro-650

Swann Pro-650 Repair

The remote is not responding to anything I do

Cyrus X-pander x 2

Cyrus X-pander x 2 Repair

The system no longer responds to the remote

Reich GmbH 527-0502

Reich GmbH 527-0502 Repair

On button not operating properly. Red light comes on but immediately goes off.

Xpelair Digitemp WHP 210/245

Xpelair Digitemp WHP 210/245 Repair

display will not light up - changed batteries / cleaned contacts - worked for a few days - tried again but nothing working

Silvelox Eco-tsm2

Silvelox Eco-tsm2 Repair

Bottom right button did work (top left button not required)


Enduro Repair

Power button double press turns green LED on with a long beep (around 12s) then followed by short beep (2s). Green LED flashes, remote does not control the mover. Attempted to pair it with the mover and this doesn't work either. Turns itself off after a minute or so with a long beep. Rattling sound when the remote is shaken.

Celebrity  5 buttons

Celebrity 5 buttons Repair

The 4 small buttons need to be pressed down hard for the desired function. The button to raise the footrest has stopped workingthis week. So I tried to repair but was unable totake off the cover and so could not repair.i would be grateful for your profesional intervention. Thanks.


Bellfires Repair

I dropped remote control on a tiled floor and a wire has come out where it meets the soldier.

Legend VAN16RN-RC

Legend VAN16RN-RC Repair

The remote just doesn't seem to work and I have broken the battery connector trying to remove the battery.

Kenwood  RC-97M

Kenwood RC-97M Repair

Battery leak remote doesn’t function at all.

PURE Evoke 3

PURE Evoke 3 Repair

Power button fails to function Sometimes sleep but will have the effect of turning on the power, not consistent. Battery changed to no effect

Airobe Triton

Airobe Triton Repair

Off button does not work, others can be a bit temperamental, but do work after a few tries.

Yamaha BDP 121

Yamaha BDP 121 Repair

Not working.

BSSB MMG2R01714-01

BSSB MMG2R01714-01 Repair

Connector in remote come away fm circuit board. Very poor fixing! Soz, don't appear 2 have 6 tiny screws to hold it all together. Hoping you can help!


McHale Repair

No function no transmission to box

Reich 527-0521

Reich 527-0521 Repair

Does not operate move control on caravan.

Enduro em103

Enduro em103 Repair

Someone tried to fix this for my late father a while ago. All I know is it worked now and then. Sometimes the light would not come on when pressed, and in the end, would not work at all.
Sorry, I don't know what was done to it before, but thought it was worth seeing if it could be fixed.


Carver Repair

Seems to be a wire disconnected in the back of the remote ( i have no idea if it affects the remote) with new batteries the power light does turn on but then turns back off

Dometic KT1335.4

Dometic KT1335.4 Repair

1 x with black mark on top top two buttons do not work.
1 x with black mark top right button does not work.

Truma GO2

Truma GO2 Repair

Batteries have corroded the terminals, one has broken off and lost.

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